YouTube Rolls Out Name Handle To Make Tagging Creator Easier

YouTube has introduced a new feature for its creators; even normal users can use it to identify their channels or themself in a new form. This new feature allows every user to hold a unique name handle on the platform.

Recently, Netflix has also come up with the same feature, which was only for the gamers on their platform and now YouTube, but it will work on the entire platform and for everyone.

YouTube Officially Giving Handle, Get Yours Now

YouTube Officially Giving Handle, Get Yours Now

We all know the “@name handle” system is mostly available on social media platform such as Instagram and Twitter, which make it easier to tag someone and gives a unique name ID.

YouTube has expanded way far in the past some years with its multiple features, but the major was YouTube Shorts which is a lot like Instagram Reels and TikTok.

If you have tried to tag some other creator or user in the comment section and in the description of Shorts, it is not easy as on the other platform, but it will be because YouTube also added the same @-handles.

As I already mentioned above, these new handles will work across the platform, such as on YouTube Shorts and channels. Also, if someone takes @name handles, so another one will not choose the same.

And that’s why you have to get ready to grab your favorite handle before then someone else. Currently, YouTube hasn’t mentioned out when they will roll out this feature, but it said to do this gradually.

The creator will be notified in their Creator Studio via notification or email. This handle will be displayed on the front page of the creator’s YouTube channel and also in the channel URL.

And if the channel owner didn’t choose their handle before November 14th, so YouTube will make their name handle according to their channel name, and you are also allowed to change it later.

For more detail, you can also check out the official FAQ. However, this feature will also help out in YouTube’s further plan of watermarking the Shorts.


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