These 10 tips are constructive for regular smartphone users for the long life of their expensive or less expensive variant smartphones; the main focus is to maintain the smartphone performance from the beginning.

The smartphone in your hand seems to be sensitive, or you can say that it is a sensitive material or thing in your hand that can be damaged in a second, but the question arises are you want to ignore the points below? Probably the answer will be NO. Your smartphone seems like a tiny baby, and some things you need to follow right away below so you can last your baby for a long time.

What You Do with your smartphone is listed below, and what you not do with your smartphone is also the most important.

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10 Tips For Smartphone Users To Extend Their Smartphone Life

1. You Rarely Switch Off Your Smartphone

You Rarely Switch Off Your Smartphone

The most important thing you should do with your smartphone is to “turn it OFF” every weekend, which means at least once a week you should turn off your smartphone; otherwise, your smartphone battery will require more charge and will die faster than the usual way, the cause is straightforward you do with your smartphone, just screen on all the time will make your smartphone live duller, or else just charging your smartphone with the unused battery will cause your battery to overheat at the time of particular use, draining of your smartphone battery will be faster,

What should you need to do?

You should always turn off your smartphone weekly at once; You should not wake your smartphone all the time as changing it from Never Sleep to Sleep after 5 minutes halt the long-life battery.

2. WiFi and Bluetooth are Always On!

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Always On

When the functions of WiFi and Bluetooth are open on iPhone or any smartphone but are not used, it will make your battery just a waste. In all likelihood, you have no need either in your everyday life; you are not always required of your WiFi or Bluetooth; this turned on, which means your smartphone is consuming more battethanrom the regulonence, certainly at least not all day you have needed this function. The best thing to do is to keep both disabled and open them wisely only when needed. Keep It In Mind.

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3. Taking Your Smartphone at Journey in Extreme Weather

Smartphone at Journey in Extreme Weather

Not every smartphone is tested from a ruff and challenging stage of manufacturing, so your smartphone is also one of that phones which are not being tested from boiling and cold temperatures; your phone is not designed to stand in this condition, so your smartphone should use in the open air when the temperature is between 0 to 30-degree celsius, if not used in this condition the ultimately your device battery will collapse as battery pack or cell will close by itself.

4. You Leave Your Phone All Night At Charge

Leave Your Phone All Night At Charge

It may be convenient to leave your phone charging all night, but many argue that this is not such a good idea. The views on the subject are many, but most polls say that if your phone finishes charging and remain plugged in can occur damage to the battery, with time running out faster. “Your battery will perform better if you remove the cell from the wall outlet before it completes 100% of the charge,”. Try to charge during the day to remove the charging plug before it gets fully charged.

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5. You Charge Your Battery All 100% or Waits To Charge From 0%

Charge Your Battery All 100%

Lithium-ion batteries are mainly used and operate best when charged between 50% to 80%, says Shane Brodsky, founder of Farbe Technik, a company that manufactures chargers and mobile accessories. On the other hand, if you charge your phone until the battery is complete, it may lead your battery in a “state of deep discharge” that makes the ions unable to set, says Apple. He also adds that charging the battery for short intervals, to simply maintain at normal levels (50% -80%), gives enough energy to the ions to work continuously and protect the life of the battery. Commonly, consider charging your mobile as your diet. Not a huge evening meal, but much small in the day.

6. Use the Original Phone Charger

Use Original Phone Charger

Using an original phone charger makes sense because the OEM, as the Original Equipment Manufacturers of the smartphone, also developers charger with an estimated charging capability for your phone; the speed of charges make sense, so using a different brand or model charger may cause a fire so well and promising way to stay away from this situation you should go for original only.

7. Your Smartphone is a Kind of Baby. If You Are Using an Expensive Phone, You Have to Take it More Carefully

Expensive Phone You Have to Take it More Carefully

Taking your smartphone everywhere with a back cover or not attracts dust and moisture; your phone is disgusting. No, it’s very, very gross. Wreaths, basins, toilets, and saucer dog or your cat fewer germs from your iPhone. Apple recommends using a soft, lint-free cloth to clean your device. Some products claim to use ultraviolet light to sanitize your phone. But the most important thing is never to forget to clean the charging port on your mobile! Residues from the pockets and your bags may get stuck there and huddle over time, so you have trouble charging your mobile. Use a toothpick, a small needle, or even your earring clasp to clean all this crap.

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8. Showing Off Your Smartphone as iPhone?

Expensive Phone You Have to Take it More Carefully

Seriously showing off your smartphone or expensive phone such as iPhone may put you in a difficult situation, such as theft, Stolen, or robbery. Holding a well costly smartphone in your hand is a sign of attraction to thieves, so it’s pretty dangerous to walk in the city abstract while holding it loosely, by hand, as you become an easy target. Also, do not ever let up on the bar or table of the restaurant you sit. A look in the opposite direction gives enough time to the skilled thief to do the job.

9. Safety First, Are You Using Your Phone Without Password?

Safety First, You Using Your Phone Without Password?

The straightforward way to protect your data is to set a passcode for your iPhone, or if you are using any different brand covering is necessary to have a password-protected phone. According to Apple’s research in 2013, half of iPhone users do not lock their phones with a passcode. If you have no passcode on your iPhone, other cyber hackers can steal your identity and personal information without your prior permission.

10. Always Allow your Location Availability to Other Applications

Always Allowing your Location Availability to Other Applications

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Other applications also require access to your location services to function correctly and alert you when turning them on. Many others can work typically without being enabled location detection service. You would have disabled this function and then opet only when needed -the battery will thank you. Another thing you need to do right away is to know to alalways to turn your locationive rights to other applications to know your current location, which is also a security issue.


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