Reality Editor enables you to connect with your other connected objects by looking through your smartphone. It’s also a way to give control to users in the world where the Internet of Things remains unknown.

Internet of Things just keeps taking shape around us, without knowing too much if we talk about the distant future or if it is already there. A fuzzy probably related to the fact that our multiple connected devices seem isolated from each other, without one necessarily arrives always get the best. Either because they are not easy to configure, is the means to organize their management are still in their infancy.

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At this miscommunication and configuration, that tackles the prestigious MIT. Not proposing yet another product to install in the heart of your system, but by developing a unique application that unites them all.

This Magic App Controls Your Connected Objects From SmartPhone

Called Reality Editor and developed for three years at the heart of Fluid Interfaces Lab App is designed to help you connect all your devices connected in a simple way. In the mouth of its developers, it gives “Reality Editor is a new tool designed to give you the power to connect and take advantage of the functions of your physical objects”.

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Hard not to see an innovative product Reality Editor. To achieve his ends, the app plays the card of expanded reality, with all that this technology sometimes almost magical.

This Magic App Controls Your Connected Objects From SmartPhone
This Magic App Controls Your Connected Objects From SmartPhone

To demonstrate its operation, the application site provides several examples.

  • Imagine all named are connected.
  • Tired that your car is too cold in winter and too hot in the summer when you go there in the morning.
  • Armed with your smartphone and Reality Editor, look at your bed through the screen of your iPhone.
  • Circles then appear on your bed Now turn to the window and look at your car.
  • You notice that both objects include points.
  • Connect them by literally drawing a link on the screen between the points present on each device.

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A context menu appears and offers based on selected items settings. Therefore, when you leave your smart bed, air conditioning of your vehicle will automatically start.

While connected beds do not exist at present. But the look of Reality Editor is the future. This project will enable users to actually control and customize the features of their connected devices.

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In other words, thanks to Reality Editor, you can go beyond the beast under the operation of the object manufacturer, interact differently with your surroundings and simplify your life. Such as when you will ensure that the connected alarm clock, placed at the head of your bed, can also turn off the connected light bulb that illuminates your room, without you having to get up to reach the switch. An unexpected interaction but very useful.

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Difficult to conceive? Consider If This Then That (IFTTT), the rules creation tool that automate tasks by linking applications and services, project this concept into reality, in the physical world, and you are not far from seeing the potential of Reality Editor.