Google Fixes Two Critical Vulnerability In Nexus UpdateGoogle Fixes Two Critical Vulnerability In Nexus Update
Google Fixes Two Critical Vulnerability In Nexus Update

Google released a security update for November security patches, with an update Google fixes seven new vulnerability and among seven, two of them are the very critical vulnerability.

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]oogle specially released this update for Nexus devices on Monday, this updates are the monthly quota patch cycle which is only for Google’s Nexus devices having both Android 5.1 (Lollipop) and 6.0 (Marshmallow), later on 48 hours the open source code will be available of this update so that other smartphone brand can also supply the same update to their devices, Google will add the source code of fixed vulnerability update to Android Open Source Project(AOSP) in next 48 hours.

As per Google release of update two of the vulnerability are being said that the most dangerous vulnerability, that are significant security flaws patched in the release of update and also it tracked as CVE-2015-6608 and CVE-2015-6609, the infected flaws are connected with media files, and these flaws are located in media server and they can rebuild Android component, in simple terms that both the flaws can control media files and with that to the whole system.

Google Fixes Two Critical Vulnerability In Nexus Update

This types of vulnerability are some case of serious in when if flaws not fixed then might be hackers to breach into the device can be found in multiple ways such as sending MMS messages and fool users to play media in the browser. This types of security flaws are very dangerous for the users.

The Android playback media component have been compromised but with the security patched by Google, have managed to rectify the problem with solution patch update, earlier another security bug become popular named after Stagefright which is a vulnerability in library, which marks other smartphone makers very seriously, soon after the bug revealed, the manufacturer and service support provider release security update to each and every Android devices since then every month security update were released for Android.

Among seven security flaws, two of them have been discussed above but another five flaws are a mediaserver, libstagefright and lib media, all of this comes under media processing unit and next two flaws are in the Bluetooth and Telephony component which are little be serious but now have been patched by this update.

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Google explain what is the current condition for all Android devices regarding always vulnerability coming forward, Google of its seriousness evaluation doesn’t consider the alleviations that can make misusing such defects more troublesome. They incorporate the Verify Apps and SafetyNet administrations that screen for conceivably destructive applications, crippling programmed media preparing in applications like Google Hangouts and Messenger, and hostile to misuse procedures present in more recent adaptations of Android.