Email Provider Companies Being targeted By Cybercriminals
Email Provider Companies Being targeted By Cybercriminals

Instead of program Internet of Things Companies facing critical cyber attacks, the popular DDoS attack to the companies for Small based email providers.

In the giant Internet of Things not only Gmail, Yahoo mail or AOL are the leading companies providing customers service support for providing email, but also some of the other small companies are there to provide email but at low cost, likewise some of the small unencrypted email providers companies are being targeted by hackers.

Today we are here to share some of the shocking news related to your email if you go for cheap or new email provider companies, you should know the fact behind the email providers, some of the unknown hackers or cyber criminals who are still on the way as they were before, to make damages to other people, they wanted some ransoms if any email providers reject to pay that some of amount then the hacker will make them pain, they will breach into the server of the c panel of the email service provider companies.

Email Provider Companies Being targeted By CyberCriminals

Nowadays we have seen much cyber criminal offences, day by day hacking or cyber breach related news are coming regularly, encryption is necessary to each and every website in today’s date, some of the companies were unaware of this security and they have faced a real challenge by the hackers, the email service providers which are under attack from last month of September and October are ProtonMail based in Switzerland, next HushMail, RunBox, Zoho, VFEmail and last but no the least Australia-based email provider FastMail is also being attacked.

As we have said in earlier post that hackers know that they can hack other property but they will give a warn sign and demand or blackmail those owners if they didn’t pay the ransom amount, the all mention mail server providers above have been received mail from the hackers for extortion demand, and to pay that by 20 bitcoins (bitcoins is a digital transaction which are fully encrypted, the senders will unable to track the money to whom it is going) if the demand didn’t fulfill then they will start the program of Distributed Denial-of-Service as (DDos), and attack from which the hackers will definitely take under control of the site.

Previously we have posted about the group of hackers who have been arrested from China, the hackers have also extorted one of the gaming company, they demanding around US$600 per month for security purpose, also they have hacked 7 servers of that gaming company, the US-based company hacked by those Chinese hackers currently they are under custody, likewise we are saying that every day many of the companies online related activity being hacked and all this only because of unencrypted technology they are still running to their system.

what are DDoS attacks? basically this attacks are favourite attack from the hackers to any unprotected sites, the attack transmit and redirect large numbers of traffic to one website which cause the site very unhealthy and get choke, with that point of time the websites lost their security system and go offline, the attack redirect to the site network or server which happens to this tragedy.

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However rather than this attacks to the small firms, the companies owned capital is not so big, they invest with a small amount which harm them eventually, other companies related to email providers are reached the top from the beginning of te time, such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, in the tough competition they will suffer will low price tag as well as if this types of cyber attack goes into the company then might be company suffer a huge loss.


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