Every people in this world have their Girlfriend or Boyfriend but some of the relationship turns to an ending point which, like this Facebook activated a new tool that can allow his or her to take over their Ex BF or GF.

We all adoration to post selfies when we’re seeing someone. In any case, what happens when things go bad and one can no more stand the posts or remarks radiating from their accomplices record? A component reported on Thursday will permit individuals who have split up with a companion or accomplice to turn on an alternative that extras them the enthusiastic torment of always seeing their ex-partner’s posts and pictures in their news feast upon the world’s biggest interpersonal organization.

Clients who as of late changed their relationship status soon see a brief that will manage them (on the off chance that they wish to) about how to utilize the new instruments. Well Facebook has act the hero of the individuals who have been through a Breakup, by empowering apparatuses that will give you a chance to keep away from your accomplice altogether (if need be) whenever you sign on to the long range informal communication site.

Facebook New Tool Can Help You Get Over Your Ex

The new separation apparatuses (that can be gotten to from your cell phone too) will permit a client who has experienced a difficult time to “enjoy a reprieve” by basically obstructing all warnings (remarks, posts, redesigns) from your accomplice. The choice is intended for individuals who would prefer not to hazard irritating a previous spouse, wife, sweetheart or beau by stepping of catapulting or blocking them from their Facebook system.

  • To see less of the person’s name and profile picture around the site, with their posts not showing up in the news feed or name suggested when tagging friends in a status or photo.
  • The option to limit the photos, videos, or status updates an ex will see.
  • The ability to edit who can see old posts with a former partner and the option to untag posts with that person.

Facebook will start testing the separation insurance on cell phones in the US before choosing whether to offer it to the greater part of its 1.5 billion record holders around the world. Another device permits you to visit your accomplice’s record just in the event that you wish to. Subsequent to changing their relationship status on Facebook, individuals will likewise be permitted to expel their names from past presents connecting them on a previous accomplice.

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Relationship statuses have dependably been a divisive issue on online networking, with a few couples choosing to keep their protection and sentiment to themselves. Facebook said: “This work is a piece of our continuous push to create assets for individuals who may be experiencing troublesome minutes in their lives. For all intents and purposes, that won’t not be a smart thought; a study distributed in July said those couples who post in regards to one another often are more satisfied than the individuals who don’t. In any case, if their relationship closes, this past oversharing may make the separation harder to manage.


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