Google Chrome Will Stop Providing Security Patches to the selected outdated Operating System From April 2016, Google Product Manager says it will be a waste of time to support outdated OS without any reason.

Google Chrome is the optimum and primary web browser for 50 percent of the internet users around the world and basically it became the best and favourable browser from the research analysis… Often the number of users as a new commerce for Google Chrome is dramatically and practically increasing the report release from Google.

In the recent report from Google, it says about 62 percent of people are the fixed users of Google chrome and this report analysis from 2015 database. Soon after eight months it increased from 62 percent to 66 percent in 2015 of its users globally. Also, it says – Chrome has about 800 Million portable operating system users as smartphone users basically from Android and iOS – but more numbers of users are from Android then followed by iOS.

Using Google Chrome on These Operating System Will be Risky

Google declared that from April 2016 they will support more operating system such as Windows based OS, Ubuntu and Linux, through which if any users wanted to switch their Operating system then they can transfer their Google Chrome account to another Operating System also.

List of Operating System will Stop Receiving Security Patches from Google Chrome After April 2016.

Using Google Chrome on These Operating System Will be Risky
Using Google Chrome on These Operating System Will be Risky

* Microsoft Windows XP
* Microsoft Windows Vista
* Mac OS X 10.6
* Mac OS X 10.7
* Mac OS X 10.8

The above OS will not be received any further security updates, but it often encourage these OS users to upgrade their OS to the latest one. Hence, in the UK several officials and government institution firms have applied and application to Windows XP as Microsoft to not to shut down any further updates and support on their current outdated using Operating System as Win XP. and the same situation will soon happen with Google, about 10 percent around the are still using these OS and they have also being asked to update their overall system.

This updates will end up by Google Chrome in the year April 2016 – after that users will vulnerability to their unencrypted web browser. Notwithstanding that after this vulnerability Google Will present another security patches to protect its users with the latest threats mainly from adware, Malvertising and Phishing and more security threats, as we all know that any outdated web browser or OS are always at security risk, even if they are using the updated AntiVirus – the threads will automatically phishing into the system via outdated web browser.

How to protect if any OS become outdated but users still wanted to run!

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The most recommended practices are to change your Operating System as soon as possible before January 2016 or if you cannot then you just have to change your web browsers who still support their security patches for the outdated computers. If any user follows this recommended rules then they will be safe from cyber attacks. The online attacks are nowadays at full active zone and to avoid this users must move to another new Hardware with new operating system which come is low effective products which are far less than your precious data to get lost from being hacked by any attackers at any time which will compromise your system with no use of system.


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