Sony Hack Mystery Revealed By Damballa
Sony Hack Mystery Revealed By Damballa

A year later Sony hacked by unknown hackers from that time researchers & other programmers hired by Sony Pictures which they have found that only two malware hacking tools have been used to evade and breach into the security network.

Hacking tools are widely used by the hackers, and today also 75 percent of hackers still uses hacking tools which can direct access to other computers system. These types of tools are usually undetected and can steal numbers of data without prior concern of the victim.

Recent news describes that the security researchers from Damaballa have found two hacking tools that are capable and similar to the hack occur in Sony Picture Entertainment last year, the malware code found at that time is matching with current hacking tools.

Sony Hack Mystery Revealed By Damballa

The hacking tool is Destover which hypothetical malware programmed to hack thousands of computer just like it hacked Sony network in South Korea, the hack completely stolen GBs of valuable and secret data from the companies server and hacked hundreds of computers from Sony office.

On Wednesday blog post, Damaballa researchers Willis McDonald and Loucif Kharouni said: “Both of the tool would have been used at the same time when the attack elude detection and the same time entering the network laterally and that expand to attack server. If you really wanted to know the process that how attackers were able to avoid detection from the security is the answer above, its is sure that attackers have used only one tool to breach into the network but as far our research the both of the tool have the same coding malware inside.” they said.

One of those two apparatuses specifically called setMFT, it helps the assailant with a method inside as Timesstoppong. They Said”This can disguise a record’s presence from security staff searching for noxious documents or sweeps of documents made after a sure date, Timestomping can move beyond a careless check,”. It’s regularly utilized as a part of mix with renaming a recently acquainted document with make it seem to mix in with a gathering of different records.

“A full legal examination of a framework would uncover the vicinity of afset and missing log action, yet it’s reasonable this action would go undetected at first making high-hazard disease stay time.” Afset “permits the assailant to stay stealthy and eradicate their tracks as they travel through the system,” they composed. The other apparatus, afset, is utilized for timestomping and tidying up log information put away in Windows yet can likewise change the construct time and checksum of an executable.

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It can be troublesome for organizations to distinguish gatecrashers in their systems, especially if the assailants are utilizing legitimate login certifications stolen from an approved client. Once in, utilizing these utilities could make it considerably harder to distinguish interesting action. Only one antivirus item was recognizing both of the instruments, the scientists composed. That makes it likely that more up to date renditions of them would not be recognized, at any rate at first.


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