Disputes between China and the USA over hacking and surveillance, there are about million dollars stolen from hacking each other, as our previous post has narrated. Today a very serious matter China officials said that they need to secure their smartphones from US surveillance.

China needs to insulate only those smartphones that have been inside China’s territory. Currently, China has 60 percent of US-made smartphones, either iPhone as Apple or Google Android, with China reportedly saying they will soon build their homegrown tech industry. China has another development to secure more in the coming days. That is, China’s homegrown e-commerce company Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. has joined with China’s Ministry of Public Security to develop a smartphone Operating System for China police Officers.

China Securing Their Smartphone To Avoid US Surveillance

Another ChinaAvoidUS is the Chip design company Spreadtrum Communication Inc, which said they would begin mass production of the chips that would run the Chinese Operating System. Also, they will tie up with the manufacturers to develop more smartphone-based with China security administration authority. In China, nearly all smartphones have Google and Apple-based Operating systems. Chinese people are more likely to need to use China smartphone, but even China Smartphone maker ZTE Nubia Z5 also use Google’s Android OS and Qualcomm Inc Process, which is also based in the USA.

Now ZTE Corporation is also working with the Chinese Government; ZTE Corp has developed an Operating System in-house which will now be available for Chinese citizens; also, the processors and chips will be provided by the Chinese suppliers.

Another problem is that ZTE’s Operating System will only be considered as only for secure; it will not engage with the general public because it doesn’t have the related feature the causal smartphone, which excludes Camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connection to secure more and avoid any external connectivity breach into the device.


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