Google Glas’s next version patent was granted by the end of November, which was applied in September 2012, and now Google has alternation with its new generation Google Glass which will make users see the world in a different way just like Oculus.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office conceded another patent to Google for a potential forthcoming adaptation of Google Glass called Google Monocle. The Glass in its new monocle configuration doesn’t resemble a couple of glasses. The patent portrays a gadget that could conform to every client’s head and review that arrangement for later utilization.

The gadget would offer a heads-up presentation for playing video that could even be perceptible to the other eye using a crystal. The adaptable band is additionally said to serve as a touchpad, while the gadget’s presentation can likewise be combined with a crystal to convey symbolism to both eyes, Techcrunch reported.

Google Glass Next Version LookaLike Monocle

The band is movable such that it can be designed by a client to contact the leader of the client at a first area close to a sanctuary, a second area along a segment of the client’s ear contiguous to the sanctuary, and at the third area along a back position of the leader of the client. The gadget appears to offer a significant part of the same usefulness as Google Glass, Google’s keen glasses that were racked inconclusively as a shopper item prior to this year.

Google Glass Next Version LookaLike Monocle

Glass associated with the Internet overlapped pictures and representations of what individuals could see with their non-PC eyes. While Google’s patent was true, there is no surety the organization will add to the monocle, as indicated by CNet. Then again, the web crawler monster is intrigued by making wearables that will persuade individuals to utilize the organization’s heap benefits consistently.

The Google Glass 2 variant will be configurable by the wearers to fit the gadget around their face so that the gadget’s presentation is situated around one of the eyes. Only two months after the fact, the organization searched out new open doors for its wearable gadget, however any declarations about such advances have gone quiet from that point forward.


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