Most users now use ad blockers, and with this, mainly online revenue companies have reduced their income. In the past six months, the income generation has fallen to 69%, which caused owners to take some major steps, just like what Yahoo did with their users.

Yahoo has blocked many users, only those users who use ad blockers in their browser.. and with that, they facing trouble logging into their mail account; the first page displays “Un oh… We are unable to display Yahoo Mail. Please disable Ad Blocker to continue using Yahoo Mail” and after that users need to deactivate their Ad blocker from the browser.

Yahoo Blocking Its Users if They Use Ad Blockers

Ad companies make a lot of money by displaying ads and encouraging users to go through the ads. Still, with the recent ads’ security flaws, some may be more users got into fear after Adobe Flash became vulnerable to security breaches in the computer. There are wider visitors, and making losses will not be bearer for any company like the giant Yahoo.

Some websites also have the same strategy in which users get access denied if users are using the ad blocker and ask users to disable the ad blocker from the browser.

In Yahoo Mail, many users complained about blocking access to their mail; one of the users has also complained about this issue with Yahoo Mail to the Adblock Plus Forum, in which he posted a subject regarding the Yahoo Block, also with a screenshot.

Andrei Herasimchuk, a former Yahoo Designer, also shares his experience in which he is also one of those selected users in which Yahoo is testing the new product!

This blocking process is not only in one web browser; other browsers are also included in the problem, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (Edge), and Opera. One of the Firefox users commented, “I’m a Firefox user facing the same problem, the error messages popping up with a single page warning to disable Adblocker extension, later on after disabling Adblock Plus I’m still unable to gain access to my Mail and the same error again and again, soon after that I decided for temporary solution using Internet Explorer in which I’ve added no extension”..

This is a product test by Yahoo to look after the user’s experience, hence soon, this case will be resolved, but still, users will have to remove their Ad Blocker extension from the web browser in which they log in to Yahoo Mail. The spokesperson said. “We are frequently developing and testing our new product for user experience as well as us. This testing procedure has been in the US for some selected users.


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