Algorithms are helping us a lot to improve technological processes in the web and platforms as well as in devices. As recently, from MIT, a professor has created an artificial intelligence system that can potentially delete buffering from your life.

This AI Can Potentially Delete Buffering From Your Life

Currently, the algorithms are helping us to improve technological processes in the web and platforms as well as in devices. Now, we will tell you about one that uses artificial intelligence and that allows to reduce the problems of pixelation or buffering that present the videos that we see on the Internet.

As you know many times when watching videos online we have problems and perhaps this is due to our connection, but we must also take into account the browser factor and the website itself where we are watching the series or online movie. In such a way, and as a clear example Netflix; While watching videos there most of the time the quality gets worse.

Internet platforms like YouTube and Netflix use algorithms for the proper reproduction of the content, however, even and at the moment are not completely optimized. An example is the ABR system that YouTube uses, it is a feature that saves bandwidth and creates a more solvent viewing experience.

From MIT, Professor Mohammad Alizadeh, has created an artificial intelligence system capable of making algorithm decisions to use depending on the network connection. Also, for this, automatic learning is used. On the other hand, it ensures that the results are quite positive and has shown that it offers a better streaming experience since the quality is much higher than that achieved by conventional algorithms.

Pensieve is the name of this incredible system and the data indicate that it managed to transmit video with 10% to 30% less rebuffering than the current systems. In addition, it has different peculiarities that make this algorithm unique, since you can establish functions in priority of what you need.

The project will be presented at the SIGCOMM conference in Los Angeles. In addition, its code can be used by any company for the purpose of increasing the quality of streaming content on platforms such as YouTube and Netflix.

So, what do you think about this amazing and extraordinary new technology? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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