Apple’s upcoming AirPods Pro 2’s rumored features are expected to arrive for the first time in AirPods, such as Heart Rate or Body Temperature detection features with tiny Airpods that will place in your ears.

But, Apple product’s detail leaker, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, believes there will not be such features as these, and AirPods Pro 2 will come with an enhancement to the audio system and its primary sensor.

Recently, Mark Gurman also provided some details regarding the new thermometer sensor that is coming in Apple Watch Series 8, and he claims this feature can detect your fever.

AirPods Pro 2 Would Come Without Health Features

AirPods Pro 2 Would Come Without Health Features

According to the latest edition of the Powerup newsletter from Mark Gurman on Bloomberg, the upcoming Apple AirPods Pro 2 would not have Heart Rate or Body Temperature detection features.

It all started when an earlier report from 52Audio suggested that the AirPods Pro 2 would have a Heart Rate sensor to detect your heart rate from your ears.

There is also another reason that proves it wouldn’t have detection features. When first Gurman reported the Apple Watch Series 8 would include temperature detection, he also stated it was hard for the company.

And for the smaller device, it will take more time to implement, so not for this year but surely in the future.

Besides, 52Audio also unveiled some details about the AirPods Pro 2, such as its chip H1 would have upgraded its SiP system and capability of noise cancellations with more enhancements.

And also Airpods 2 Pro case would have a tiny speaker to play a sound to find it. Earlier leaks also claim it would arrive with USB-C type charging.

We can’t confirm if these suggested specs & improvements are entirely accurate or not, but we are expecting them to get valid.

Gurman also indicated its launch date by saying, ‘Apple is gearing up to launch new AirPods Pro later this year,’ but then in the report, he kept it with ‘soon’ term.


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