Apple Watch Series 8 leaked features have already indicated that the Watch stands out from the competition and now reliable Mark Gurman reported that it can also detect your fever.

Recently, Mark also suggested another feature regarding the Watch Series 8 which is the “low battery mode” with more enhancement, and you can take it as iPhone’s low battery mode.

Apple Watch Series 8 Would Have Fever Detection Feature

Apple Watch Series 8 Would Have Fever Detection Feature

According to the latest edition of the Powerup newsletter from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 will have some new health features and new detection capabilities.

Earlier, Mark reported that Apple Watch Series 8 would feature Body Temperature monitoring ability with a new in-built sensor, and reportedly this sensor would also work as fever detection.

This fever detection feature will check the temperature of the wearer, and if it finds it abnormal than the average human body temperature, and with the help of other capabilities, it can detect fever and inform the wearer.

As Mark said, Apple was internally testing this fever detection for the Watch Series 8, and now it seems to pass this phase, and we can expect it from this Watch.

Additionally, We might also see this feature for both variants of the Apple Watch Series 8 to standard and new rugged edition.

Gurman said, “I now believe the feature is a go for both the standard Apple Watch Series 8 and a new rugged edition that’s aimed at extreme sports athletes”.

If you remember, in past months, Apple’s smartwatch has saved someone’s life which motivated the company to make their smartwatches more enhanced and focused on health abilities.

Besides, Apple CEO Tim Cook has also announced to make their watches with more new health features and capabilities. Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to launch in the fall of this year along with iPhone 14.


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