Apple has been working on AirPods Pro’s next-generation for a long time, and till now, we have got a lot of rumors about it, but the latest report suggested it might come with a cluster of new features and upgrades.

Previously, In an interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook has recently hinted that Apple’s AR/VR headset is in development. Also, some launch details & predictions came from supply analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

AirPods Pro 2: New Features & Launch Details

AirPods Pro 2 New Features & Launch Details
Image: 52Audio

The latest report from a site named 52Audio, first noticed by MacRumors, suggested the AirPod Pro 2 would include some ultimate features that impress you with their abilities, such as Hearing Aid. Let’s discuss every upgrade section.

Improvements to H1 Chip

H1 chip will get some upgrades SiP system and other noise cancellations with adaptive capability. Also, we will see an enhancement in the performance and power consumption.

Hearing Aid Capabilities

AirPods Pro‌ 2 would arrive with hearing aid capabilities to allow someone with hearing loss to hear sound in the environment nicely, but there are no other rumors about this feature, and the site also does not confirm it.

USB-C Port

In a recent report, Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that Apple might still use the lightning port for its AirPods Pro 2, but 52Audio is now telling that the company will go with the new UCB-C port.

And this claim seems fair because Apple also wants to launch it in Europe, supporting EU rules, so there are high chances for a USB-C port.

‘Find My’ Support

It might get the support of Apple’s ‘Find My‘ app to locate them, and Airpods 2 Pro case would have a tiny speaker to play a sound to find it, and you can also see it in the above image.

Heart Rate Detection

Now the exciting feature, the AirPod Pro 2, will arrive with a Heart Rate sensor to detect your heart rate from the ears.

With these features & upgrade details, the report also provided the images of its expected design, which doesn’t introduce such a new design. It looks similar to ‌AirPods Pro‌ and the AirPods 3.


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