Amazon To Offer Two Hour Delivery Service in Berlin
Amazon To Offer Two Hour Delivery Service in Berlin

The eCommerce giant, Amazon is gearing to start two hour delivery service in Berlin, the capital of Germany, Welt reported on Saturday, quoting Berlin Transport sources.

Amazon To Offer Two Hour Delivery Service in Berlin

The newspaper stated that Amazon had ordered a site on Berlin’s fashionable Kurfuerstendamm to regenerate as a warehouse for around 10,000 articles from the online retailers selection.

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Amazon mainly prefers to use Deutsche Post’s DHL parcel service for deliveries in Germany and now Amazon is gearing to make its own delivery services which may impose a threat to DHL’s courier services.

Two hour deliveries would take place in May and may be done by the existing courier companies present in Berlin, delivering products for 6 days in a week in two shifts. Welt stated that it cited Amazon Spokesperson, and when questioned about the report, he said “We have no announcement about this at the moment.”

Reuters also tried to contact Amazon, however it was not available due to Easter Holiday. More details will emerge about this two hour delivery when Amazon will answer about this report.

In order to woo new customers, Amazon rolled out new services for its users, like $99/year Prime Loyalty program, one hour delivery in order to entice customers in eCommerce market. Amazon is extending such attractive offers in the cities of US and London.



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