In 2018 many models were released and the maximum number of them not yet received the Android Pie update, and we are already started talking about Android Q. According to the latest reports, recently, the new Android Q leak reveals the exclusive first look and awesome new features of Android Q.

Android Q – Exclusive First Look And Awesome New Features

We all know that it is still early to know or get any information about the next version of Google’s most used mobile operating system, of course, Android Q. But, still we have to accept that the data and images never stopped from coming out before the date.

Hence, to prove the latest leaked information the well-known XDA Developers got access to a functional version of Android Q that clearly shows that what we are going to have. As the most recent leaked information confirmed the existence of Dark mode, more privacy, and a desktop mode.

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It was last May when the tech giant Google unveiled the current latest version of Android, of course, Android Pie. Now, with Android Q which is still far to arrive officially, it’s time to know some of the possible news that will reach with this new version of Android.

In the current latest version of Android, of course, Android Pie the tech giant Google started to prepare the well-known and most used feature, dark mode of this system, but in a limited amount.

However, what can be seen in this new version, the dark mode will be much broader in many of the interfaces. And not only that even it will also feature the possibility to use this feature in apps as well that are not yet ready to use it. Hence, this new dark mode feature will undoubtedly be something that everyone will want to use.

While now if we talk about the privacy then let me clarify that the tech giant Google apparently wants to change Android Q. The first and most significant change is in permissions, where we can see the total options to control the permissions that each app required.

Now, apart from the permission controlling options it also features another option which gives the ability to use permissions only while apps are being used. Hence, this change will simply give more control and privacy to users.

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After privacy, now its time to know about the new desktop mode, which is quite similar to the South Korean giant Samsung’s Dex and Huawei’s EMUI Desktop. Moreover, in this new version, we will also have the possibility of recording the screen something that we can already find in other ROMs from various manufacturers.

However, for now, the fact is that it is too early to confirm all of these news, but what we can assume is the tech giant Google should follow the same timeline. While now if we talk about the presentation of Android Q then let me clarify that the tech giant Google may present the new Android Q in I/O 2019. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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