We all know that no one takes the help of some “hackers” simply to know if their partner is unfaithful to them, as it happened with Ashley Madison. However, today we will talk about an app that will tell you if your partner is cheating you or not.

This App Can Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Nobody takes the help of some “hackers” to know if their partner is unfaithful to them, as it happened with Ashley Madison. This time it’s about the Swipe Buster website that tells you if your boyfriend or girlfriend is in Tinder, one of the leading applications for flirting.

The controversial web is the most feared search engine of infidels because it is able to locate if a particular person is a user of the application. As Independent has published, to do so simply you have to enter your data: number, age, gender, and location.

Once the tracing is done, the interested party receives an email. If your partner (or father, mother, friend) has never used Tinder, nothing should be feared. Otherwise, the couple is in danger.

SwipeBuster, after tracking the database and API of the popular application to meet people (are public and therefore easy to access), it SMSes the search results matching the profile sought.

It not only shows the data requested but also shows very specific options depending on how the profile is configured in Tinder: if you are interested in looking for a man or a woman, the photographs you have shared and even the last connection. And all this for the modest price of about $6.99 (5 British pounds, Rs.415 in Indian currency).

The publication has spoken with the creator of this website, which prefers to remain anonymous. Ensures that they do not violate users’ privacy because they simply collect information from Tinder’s own API, which is available to anyone to make improvements to the app. His aim, he says in Vanity Fair, is to “educate people about a large amount of personal data hanging on the network and how anyone can access them easily.”

“A lot of people will be surprised and then they will be more careful and Tinder will take steps to protect their API,” he said. Something that, if it happens, in your opinion will be positive because the company will be concerned to protect the users.

A Tinder spokeswoman told “Who wants to know who is in Tinder simply download the application for free and save the $ 7,” without specifying whether to take action on its API.

SwipeBuster is an anonymous group that has emerged over the past few years to shed light on the big holes of privacy, as it happened with Ashley Madison. Although the creator of this website differentiates: “With Swipe Buster nothing has been violated. We have not obtained the data illegally. It completely depends on the Tinder public API that, so if Tinder decides to close it, our web will come to an end.

So, what do you think about this new service? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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