App Which Will Help in Treating Back Pain is Being Developed
App Which Will Help in Treating Back Pain is Being Developed

Researchers are developing a new app integrated with a wristband to help patients fight back pain by giving proper exercises to them. Back Pain is common today and you might have witnessed that many people who are suffering from back pain are having difficulty to move or they can’t do their work properly.

App Which Will Help in Treating Back Pain is Being Developed

Paul Jarle Mork, a professor at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) said “If this proves effective, we’ll have a very cost-effective solution that can ease everyday life for many patients with back pain,”.

The app has been named as selfBack and this project has reportedly received €5 Million funding from the European Union.

NTNU stated that, researchers are trying to intermingle the scientific understanding of back pain with cutting edge technology and are working to make decision support on data which will be based data through wristband an mobile app.

The main coordinator of the project, Mork said “The wristband captures an individual’s physical activity, heart rate, and number of steps taken. Based on the data generated from the band and the app, we can advise the patient on physical activity and sleep, for example, which are two critical aspects related to back problems,”.

The main motto of this project is to enact a kind of “Artificial Intelligence”. Also, it will be developed by using open source code and it will also gather vital data from the patient. The repeated data collection forms the total basis for the decision support system which will give custom guidance to the each patient.

Bach further said “Patients should be able to go into the app and see how and why they should follow the advice given. These suggestions are based on the patient’s background information and all the information collected by the individual’s wristband and app,”.

The team consisting of International Researchers will be working to develop selfBACK project.

This App will be really beneficial for those people who are suffering from back-pain like those persons who are sitting on Chair for long hours sometimes also experience back pain. The team behind this project has claimed that it will give individual advice to each patient. If you liked this health tip, feel free to share this with your friends.


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