Apple Has 800 Employees Working on New iPhone Camera
Apple Has 800 Employees Working on New iPhone Camera

InShortViral: The 800 Apple iPhone Engineers are only to concentrate in the quality of every iPhone Camera is much more authentic job in the world, the numbers of employees represents that Apple how much concern about their product.

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou may like or not the phone Apple iPhone, but its obligation to be accepted that in respect to the image quality, Apple has been reasonably constant in taking high-quality images by the camera your iPhone. We also need to add that most surely, are not the greatest cameras when related to other choices and models that can be observed today in the market; but notwithstanding, still they are doing a very good job and we can take pictures in beautiful good quality.

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Apple Has 800 Employees Working on New iPhone Camera

The issue then is… how do you get to maintain that level as consistent quality in all their iPhone? It appears that this is because Apple has about a total of 800 employees working continuously in the iPhone’s camera. This report is according to what Charlie Rose explained in an interview with Tim Cook, as well as with other Apple executives at present while a program known as 60 minutes, it was announced that Apple had apparently near about 800 workers applied completely to keep control the standard of all cameras iPhone same so they could continue developing and advancing the bar.

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Keep in mind that these are not 800 employees only working in Camera of iPhone but also engaged in other tasks within the company, but exclusively having 800 employees whose individual job is to go with the technology of the iPhone camera. The material in question is led by Graham Townsend, who led Rose by a tour throughout the camera test lab, so that showed how Apple tests the appearance of its cells under all conditions.

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We do not know if those 800 employees are possibly somewhat extreme amount may be this amount of employees are less for a certain type of working field, but still, as previously stated, the production of the iPhone camera has always been logical and excellent, so we can guarantee that Apple has performed its job excellently.

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There have previously been reports regarding either Apple could be thinking investigating a twin chamber, for devices iPhone in futures. But if this is controlled or rejected such plans are not yet known, though 800 people involved in them, sure they can be Apple engineer.