How To Fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo
How To Fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

Today there are many people who wants to jailbreak there Iphone. Many of them succeed to do that many of the user face the problem with their iphone that the iphone stuck on apple logo. 

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is also a very common issue while recovering or restoring iphone. Actually this problem accours because of the brick of iphone that is the iphone gets soft brick and thats why stuck on the Apple Logo. So in this post i am going to share the method to sove this issue of iphone stuck on apple logo . Just follow the below method to repair your iphone to make it boot properly.

How To Fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

Now take a look on how to Fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo.

  1. Connect the iPhone to your computer via the USB cable
  2. Now put your iphone into DFU mode.
    -To do this, press and hold Home & Power button for 10 seconds.
    -After that, release the power button but keep pressing the home button of your phone.
    -Now  iTunes will popup saying it detects a device in the DFU mode.
  3. Now you have to restore your iphone. For that go to the recovery tab of your itunes and then select the previous backup file of your iphone.
  4. Now allow the device to download the data on your iphone.

Thats is you are done your iphone will be restored to the previous backup date and now your iphon will boot properly

Now if you don’t have the proper backup file to restore your iphone ,then you will lost all your data in it. For that you will use a software named TinyUmbrella to fix the recovery mode.

Steps To Fix Recovery mode Of iPhone

  1. First of all Download and open TinyUmbrella to Fix Recovery of your iphone in your computer (Mac | Win).
  2. Now Connect your iPhone to the computer.
  3. Now Right-click on the Fixrecovery tool and open it via Terminal (for Mac only) and on Windows, simply open the file there.
  4. Now run the program and follows the steps there and it will automatically fix all the problem faced by your iphone while booting.

So above is the method to solve the issue on iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo. By this you can easily repair your iphone by following the simple steps discussed above. These methods will work on almost all generation iphone and you will easily restore your iphone to its initial state and it will boots properly. Remember that after applying any step wait for 5 minutes and let the iphon to boot.As first boot after restoration can take a while,so don’t get over there. Don’t forget to share this cool post.Leave a comment below if you are facing any problem at any step.