The iOS 16 photo app has added a new editing feature that allows you to copy the edits you made on a specific photo and paste them onto the other according to your preferences.

Recently, Apple is also planning to add a new Always-on display feature for the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro models, which reference has been spotted in the recent beta release of the iOS 16.

iOS Allow You To Copy & Paste Photos

iOS Allows You To Copy & Paste Photos

For those who have a passion for photo editing, this new feature is truly for them. With the addition of this option, You can easily edit multiple photos simultaneously. 

Before this improvement, copy editing on images would require a new app. But now, you don’t need to install another app. Get this option in your own iOS 16 and fulfill your passion. Isn’t it an exciting improvement?

You have to edit one photo and then move it to the upper right corner. This corner contains three dots icon, which is new in iOS 16. Now click on the Copy Edit option to copy the edited work.

Move toward other photos and click the same icon. This icon will show many options; click the Paste option. Your image will get the same edits you did on the previous one.

Besides this copy and paste option, Apple also made another up-gradation in the photo app. If you want to discard the specific change, you don’t need to delete the whole edit.

A new Undo and redo option is available. Tap this option to make specific changes. After copying and pasting edits, adjust them to give an attractive look.

This Copy and Paste feature will be functional in iOS 16, macOS Ventura, and iPadOS 16.

You have to keep in mind that you can paste the copy edit to only one image at a time. If you want to paste the edits on multiple pictures, go to each photo and apply the earlier procedure.


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