iPhone SE was unveiled on March 21 in the California event. iPhone SE is expected to get released on March 31. iPhone SE is already becoming popular among illiterate males and Android users too.

Apple iPhone SE is Becoming Popular Among  Illiterate Men

Apple’s began taking pre-orders for iPhone SE last week, and Slice Analysis has taken look at the people who are allured to the Apple’s 4 inch iPhone. The firm maintained that its early survey reveals that older and less educated and notably more male audience are attracted towards Apple’s 4 inch iPhone.

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In order to justify this, Slice Analysis states some more statistics, “More than a fifth of iPhone SE buyers are aged 45-54, compared with 18 percent for all iPhone buyers”, while as 77 percent of pre-orders of iPhone SE are from men, compared with 69%.

Slice Analysis explains “Only 39 percent of new SE owners have a college degree, whereas 46 percent of those who pre-ordered an iPhone 6 or 6S did.

“And while education and income typically correlate closely, there were no sizable differences in income between SE buyers and those of other iPhones, although iPhone SE buyers under-index somewhat among the highest wage earners.”

Moreover, the statistics also reveal that iPhone SE has attracted Android Users too as the data shows that 16% of buyers have moved from Google’s Android.

The firm further said “By comparison, 49 percent of iPhone 6S buyers upgraded from a previous iPhone, and 10 percent replaced an Android device they bought online within the past two years,”.

Additionally, Slice Analysis also stated that how many sold iPhone SE have been sold till now and surprisingly its figures are correct. The firm says that iPhone SE in its first week of availability were 94% less than early sales witnessed by the iPhone 6S.

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