We all know very well that recently, the South Korean giant Samsung unveiled its first foldable smartphone cum tablet, although still as a prototype and as the South Korean giant Samsung is still preparing for its commercial launch this year 2019. Hence, now according to the latest reports the tech giant Apple to launch its first foldable iPhone with never-seen features.

WoW! Apple To Launch Its First Foldable iPhone

The concept of a foldable smartphone is not unusual to the designers of the tech giant Apple. However, it doesn’t mean that soon the tech giant Apple could launch a new iPhone to follow this new format.

As before Apple, we will see the presentation of the South Korean giant Samsung’s first foldable smartphone, which will take place on 20th February. However, we all know very well that both manufacturers, of course, Apple and Samsung are analyzing this new trend. Moreover, the tech giant Apple is accelerating its research pace, which is already proven by its various patents.

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Having seen one of the first ones last October, a new, very attractive patent now appears. However, in the images, we can see what seems to be a contrasting approach as compared to the one presented by Samsung.

This new patent from the tech giant Apple was recently released by the PhoneArena portal and shows us a new perspective on the foldable smartphone. While the foldable smartphone from Samsung may fold on itself, but the tech giant Apple’s might stretch beyond the traditional margins. Something closer to a screen that surrounds the side edges present on the smartphone.

Moreover, the head of the Center for Innovation and Design of Samsung has stated that “our group is working to reinvent and re-imagine the possibility of creating new experiences in this new platform”.

So, in short, currently, the South Korean giant Samsung will be the first to put a foldable smartphone in the market. And not only that even the South Korean giant Samsung will be responsible for creating a new need in the market as well.

However, after seeing the innovative ideas and prototypes of the South Korean giant Samsung, now other well-known Android smartphone manufacturers are also exploring this concept. But, still, it is certain that someone had to take the first step and Samsung is ready to do so in 2019.

Meanwhile, the tech giant Apple will continue to explore the market and this new concept, so that once again it can revolutionize the smartphone market with its innovative products.

For now what we can assure is the tech giant Apple will launch its first foldable smartphone only when the consumer is perfectly familiar with this new concept. Something that would certainly not force the tech giant Apple to launch its foldable smartphone in hurry.

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Although both the South Korean giant Samsung and the tech giant Apple already have several patents for this new trend, but, for now, the South Korean giant Samsung’s technology seems more convincing and mature. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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