Apple is rumored to be working on a foldable device, which is expected to be iPhone or iPad, and now, according to the latest report, Apple will launch a foldable iPad first in 2024.

For the past year, we got many rumors about Apple’s foldable device, but Apple has never confirmed anything about it, such as whether it will be an iPad or iPhone, but now a detailed report has revealed some major details.

Apple Could Aim To Launch Foldable iPad Before Foldable iPhone

Apple Could Aim To Launch Foldable iPad Before Foldable iPhone

According to a report from analysts at CCS Insight that CNBC covers, Apple will enter the foldable devices market with its foldable iPad after two years.

Also, it will be a rehearsal for the company to make foldable technology more immersive before launching the first foldable iPhone, and the report has also noted that its highest model’s expected price is $2,500 USD.

Besides, early this year, the display supply chain analyst Ross Young suggested that Apple’s foldable iPad will have a 20-inch complete foldable, but about the launch, he mentioned that it would be launched in 2025 or 2026, which seems less reliable.

And another tipster Ming-Chi Kuo has also suggested that Apple’s first foldable device is expected to arrive in 2024, but earlier some months, he changed the suggestion with one year delay.

After a lot of confusing rumors, CCS Insight’s analysts have made this report by analyzing all the earlier details on Apple’s foldable and leaks from reliable leakers, such as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

In conclusion, we will first see the Apple Foldable iPad rather than iPhone in 2024, which makes more sense as many elite brands are already making good foldable smartphones, such as Samsung.

And if Apple takes more time so the foldable technology will mean less because many smartphone companies will already have done it in the next three years, so that consumers will be less interested.

Besides, Apple has might chosen LG for this foldable display. Separately, Google has also been rumored to be working on a foldable device which is highly expected to be a Pixel smartphone.


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