Our smartphones have already killed many devices like radios, portable media players, etc. Not only that, but smartphones were also on the verge of killing DSLRs. iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X/XS, XS Max, and XR have the best mobile cameras on the market.

IPhone users can easily capture great portraits and landscape photographs with such a capable camera. However, the iPhone’s stock camera app doesn’t have the complete set of features that you might want or need. Fortunately, the App Store contains many iPhone camera apps that render a wide range of photography features.

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15 Best Camera Apps for iPhone

This article will share some of the best iPhone camera apps you would love to have. These camera apps will provide manual camera controls and a few editing features. So, let’s check out.

1. Yamera (Manual Camera)

Yamera (Manual Camera)

Yamera (Manual Camera) may not be as popular as the other apps on the list, but it still offers you some powerful features & full control over your images. It’s a full-fledged manual camera app for iPhone that allows you to adjust various image parameters.

With Yamera (Manual Camera), you can control the Shutter speed, ISO, White Balance, Focus, Exposure Compensation, etc., before capturing a shot. Overall, Yamera (Manual Camera) is a great camera app for iPhone that you shouldn’t miss.

2. Spectre Camera

Spectre Camera

Spectre Camera is slightly different from all other camera apps we have listed. The app uses AI to help you capture amazing long-exposure shots. Guess what? The camera app can remove crowds, turn city streets into rivers of lights, and more.

The camera app doesn’t specialize in capturing regular shots; instead, it focuses more on capturing live photos & videos, long exposure shots, and more. However, Spectre Camera is a premium app, and it doesn’t have any free trial.

3. VSCO Cam


VSCO Cam is a top-rated camera app available for both iPhone and Android. If we talk mainly about the iPhone app, VSCO offers many powerful camera features.

It also offers many powerful photo editing features besides providing you with fully manual camera controls. So, it’s a complete photography app for the iPhone.

4. ProCam 8

ProCam 6

ProCam 8 is one of the best and top-rated manual control iPhone camera apps on the Apple App Store.

With ProCam 8, you can control various camera features like focus, exposure, shutter speed, etc. Not only that, but ProCam 8 also offers users hundreds of real-time filters, lenses, etc.

5. Focos


If you are searching for an iPhone app to capture fantastic portrait shots, you must try Focos. Guess what? With Focos, you can easily capture images with bokeh effects.

Not only that, but Focos also allows users to adjust the aperture levels in real time. Apart from that, the camera app also allows users to add multiple lights in a 3D space.

6. Snapseed


With Snapseed, you can not only capture the images but edit them as well. Snapseed is mainly known as a photo editor because it features many photo editing features.

With this app, you can easily adjust white balance, exposure, saturation, crop, add a bokeh effect, etc.

7. Camera+


Camera+ is one of the best and top-rated iPhone camera apps on the App Store. The app provides users useful features like different shooting modes, digital zoom, front flash, touch exposure & focus features, etc. In addition, some of the advanced features of Camera+ include ISO control, shutter speed control, etc.

8. ProCamera


When it comes to the best camera feature, nothing can beat ProCamera. Compared to other iPhone apps, ProCamera offers more features.

It also allows you to record videos. If we talk mainly about the camera, ProCamera offers different preset camera modes for lowlight photography, HDR mode, etc.

9. Halide


Halide is designed to put the camera controls back in your hands. The camera app for iPhone offers you manual camera controls. You can set everything from exposure to shutter speed to ISO.

Since it’s a manual camera app, operating it isn’t very easy. The camera app is not for beginners without prior knowledge of photography.

10. Moment


Moment is an iOS camera app that lets users capture photos in RAW. The camera app is mainly known for its hardware accessories like cases, lenses, etc.

The iOS camera app also provides users with lots of manual control. Some key features of Moment include split focus, exposure controls, shutter speed control, etc.

11. NightCap Camera

NightCap Camera

NightCap Camera is a premium iPhone camera application available on the Apple App Store. The camera app for iPhone is powerful enough to take amazing low light and night photos.

You can also use this app to record videos and time-lapse in 4K. Since it’s a premium camera app, you can expect better features than other apps in the article.

You will get full manual camera control, time-lapse recording with adjustable speed, full automated AI camera mode, etc.

12. Photoshop Camera Portrait

Photoshop Camera Portrait

Photoshop Camera Portrait differs slightly from all other apps in the article. It’s not a camera app that lets you capture pictures; instead, it’s an app that can give your ordinary photos a DSLR-type look.

The app has many AI-powered features that help you choose the right lens to take amazing selfies.

Photoshop Camera Portrait also brings in a wide range of camera filters and effects you can add to your portrait shots. Also, there are hundreds of auto-tone photo effects, content-aware recommendations, portrait controls, etc.

13. Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro is a professional video camera app that can turn your iPhone into a professional cinema camera.

You can use Filmic Pro to capture the highest quality videos, and it’s already used by many award-winning filmmakers such as Lady Gaga, Sean Baker, Zack Snyder, etc.

Filmic Pro provides manual control over every capture parameter, has vertical and landscape support, syncs audio frame rates, captures time-lapse, etc.

14. Dazz Cam

Dazz Cam

Dazz Cam is one of the most unique camera apps you can ever have on your iPhone. The app claims to restore a video’s color, texture, and noise.

Basically, this one is a camera app that makes a few optimizations on your photos & videos to give them a vintage touch.

It also has many exciting features, like taking two photos to form a double exposure effect, a camera assistant grid, a fisheye lens, the ability to adjust the exposure, and so on.

15. SODA


SODA is a selfie camera app for iPhone that brings you everything you would need to create an amazing portrait. Like every other portrait mode app, SODA also relies on filters & makeup to improve the quality of the portraits.

It also has many beauty effects that you can apply in real-time, and the color filters need special mention since there are hundreds of them, all being unique.

So, if you are looking for an iPhone app that can take your photo from ordinary to extraordinary, this should be your choice.

So, these are some of the best camera apps for the iPhone. If you want the best camera experience on your iPhone, you should start using these free camera apps. If you know of other such apps, let us know in the comment box below.


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