City building games have already contributed a lot to the gaming industry. It had a separate section in the Google Play Store. In these games, you need to design crazy buildings, settlements, and communities.

Plenty of Android city building games are available on the Google Play Store to satisfy your construction strategy. You can keep playing city building games for a long time without getting bored.

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10 Best City-Building Games For Android

So, in this article, we have decided to share a list of the best city-building games that will provide you with an amazing simulation experience. So, let’s check out the best city-building games for Android.

1. SimCity Buildit

SimCity Buildit

Well, SimCity Buildit from EA is one of the best city building games everyone would love to play on their Android smartphone.

The great thing about SimCity Buildit is that it allows users to build a city from the very start. The levels get more complex as you progress. So, SimCity Buildit is the best city building game you can play today.

2. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is another interesting city building game that you can play on your Android smartphone. The great thing about Fallout Shelter is that it requires you to build a city but with a twist.

In this game, instead of building a city, you are asked to build an underground shelter. The game is quite interesting and based on the Fallout series on computers and consoles.

3. Village City: Island Sim

Village City: Island Sim

Village City: Island Sim is one of the best and most adventurous city building games you can ever play on your Android smartphone. Like all other city building games, on Village City: Island Sim, you must build your own houses and expand your community.

As you build a great city, you will easily attract citizens from other communities, helping you build the city further.

4. City Island 3

City Island 3

City Island 3 is one of the new Android city building games you can play today. In the game, the player needs to build cities on a different island.

As you progress, more islands unlock. So, the ultimate goal of the game is to transform the islands into a city.

5. Megapolis


Megapolis is probably one of the most popular Android city building games on the Google Play Store. Android users heavily love the game, and it features strategic gameplay. From graphics quality to audio, everything in the game is just amazing.

In this game, you need to build and expand your city. It would be best to build railroads, airports, and almost everything a smart city has. So, it’s another free city building game for Android that you can consider.

6. The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia

If you are looking for a strategy-based city building game for Android, you must pick The Battle of Polytopia.

Basically, The Battle of Polytopia is a turn-based city-building game that forces the player to explore new worlds. The game’s graphics are minimal but acceptable, and the gameplay is quite addictive.

7. Township


Township is another popular title in the list, which millions of users love. Township is a top-rated game on the Google Play Store.

In this game, you must build your town and acquire other towns. In this game, you must build airports, train stations, farms, etc.

8. Farm City

Farm City

If you are looking for an Android game that mixes city building and farming, look no other than Farm City. Farm City is a top-rated farming & building game available on the Google Play Store.

In this game, you need to build the city that you’ve dreamed of. You must grow crops, feed your cattle, trade the product, etc.

The game has a free-to-play model, but there are optional in-app purchases that enhance your gaming experience.

9. Pocket Build

Pocket Build

If you are looking for a retro city building game, then you will definitely love Pocket Build. The game will take you back to the 1960s, where you won’t find any modern homes, smart techs, etc. The only things you will find in the game are castles, bridges, barrels, towers, trees, rocks, etc.

10. Airport City

Airport City

As the game’s name suggests, Airport City is the ultimate game that aims to create the airport. You must assemble a fleet of cool planes ranging from private jets to transcontinental airplanes in Airport City.

Apart from that, the game also has a few side missions which can help you earn special rewards.

So, these are the best City Building games you can play on your Android device. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.


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