We all know very well that Karaoke is one of the ludic activities in which we are less afraid of making a fool of ourselves and have more followers despite it. It does not matter that you do not know how to sing; the worse your musical skills are, the more fun it will be.

Hence, in this article today, we will show you an awesome list of best iPhone karaoke applications that will unleash the singer in you.

10 Best iPhone Karaoke Apps for iPhone

The word comes from Japanese (kara, which means empty, and oke, which means orchestra). Precisely, there is where more fans have, and exclusive venues for karaoke lovers have been exported to a greater or lesser extent to other countries.

Mobile devices also have karaoke apps, ideal for having a good time alone or in the company, sharing your skill as a singer, and even competing with other players through the internet or face to face.

Why choose a karaoke application?

From a financial point of view, a karaoke application costs much less than a singing class with a private teacher. For smaller budgets, a karaoke and a vocal coaching application can be the perfect solution to learn to sing without spending a lot.

Some applications are available with a free and paid version, but in any case, it always costs much less than taking singing lessons.

An application can improve your voice to shine on your next karaoke night with friends. Of course, each application has its specificity, and it is possible to modulate the voice to give the illusion that one sings perfectly well or that it has the same tonality as Rihanna.

Another advantage of the applications for Android and iOS is that you can take them everywhere or download them to your mobile, and you can enjoy karaoke hours at home, at your friends’ house, or even on the beach. And this cannot be done with the old karaoke devices.

10 Best iPhone Karaoke Apps for iPhone

The ultimate advantage of karaoke apps is their great variety. Karaoke applications offer different functionalities, from the instrumental version of your favorite hits to the accompaniment to create a song yourself, going through rankings with other users.

In TechViral, we have tried different applications to determine the most useful and complete Karaoke app. Hence, here we have mentioned some of them, which offer different functionalities and meet the criteria of ergonomics and popularity. Check out the best iPhone Karaoke Apps.

1. Smule


It is a pretty popular karaoke app available for both iOS and Android. It presents you with one of the largest karaoke databases an application offers.

Along with a good collection of karaoke music tracks, Smule also offers an online community of users that form a social network where you can share your recordings. You also join someone online (a user who also uses Smule) to perform a duet.

With a database of some of the best karaoke songs of all time, Smule Karaoke is the first choice for many karaoke lovers.

You can try it for USD 10 per year or opt for a monthly subscription plan. While you consider that it is something that you will have to pay for, we tell you that this application of karaoke for iPhone is worth it.

2. StarMaker Lite

StarMaker Lite

The StarMaker Lite is one of the best iPhone karaoke apps that lets you experience something amazing and helps you learn more while using it. Present the karaoke tracks as part of the game. The more you keep recording songs, the more karaoke tracks you can unlock. Therefore, it will keep you hooked.

With this, you can make a video of your own and share it with the world using great effects. You can also see cover songs that other users share with the world.

3. StarMaker-Discover Music

StarMaker-Discover Music

StarMaker-Discover Music is an awesome karaoke app for iPhone. It also hosts a lot of popular karaoke music tracks. In addition to the availability, it allows you to add excellent effects that improve your voice recording, which makes this application of Karaoke for iPhone not among the crowd.

Also, you get a pointer to rectify your recording. You may have heard about the technology that makes it a singer, Auto Tuner. Although not precise, it does the job if you are close enough. If that excites you, download this karaoke application on your iPhone to enjoy singing karaoke songs.

4. Karaoke – Sing Unlimited Songs


It is one of the best karaoke apps for iPhone. It is a free karaoke application, but it works by having credits to use karaoke music tracks. Similar to Sing! Smule Karaoke offers many karaoke music tracks.

The quality we experienced was good enough. While installing the karaoke application, you get certain free credits. It’s more like a test credit; You can use it to see what the service offers if you buy a VIP access membership plan.

In addition to your membership plans, you can earn free credits by watching video ads.

5. Voloco


It focuses especially on voices. Let’s say you already have a couple of karaoke tracks loaded on your device. With Voloco, you only need to use your local library to load the song, and then you can start recording your voice.

Voloco also provides an automatic tuning technology that helps you to rectify your song according to the music. It’s smart enough to guess the key to the song and correct yours simply by matching the original one.

Moreover, this app offers a decent user interface. Contains ads in the application. Therefore, to get rid of ads, you can choose any of the purchases in the application.

6. SingTrue: Learn to sing in tune, pitch perfect


SingTrue is not a karaoke music application that you can use to represent and show the world what you’re made of, but it helps you learn to sing better. The “so-called” karaoke application for iPhone results from the hard work done by its developers: Easy Ear Training. The developer says this app helps to teach someone to sing in the perfect melody.

If you use karaoke applications to learn to sing, this would be the alternative, which is why it is discussed here. It offers karaoke exercises since its objective is to help you learn. Therefore, by practicing the exercises, you will perfect your skills.

If you are looking for the best iPhone karaoke application to learn to sing better, this is the karaoke application that you need.

7. Yokee Karaoke

Yokee Karaoke

Yokee Karaoke is a top-rated karaoke app for iPhone available on the Apple App Store. The app is feature-rich and lets you and your friends sing karaoke for free.

Over 100 million users already use the app; it lets you sing from an endless catalog of music videos, record your own version of song, etc.

Also, there’s an option to share your recording with the world, discover artists from around the world, etc.

8. Karaoke For Kids

Karaoke For Kids

If you’re going to sing with children, there is nothing better than doing it with an application designed especially for them, so we recommend Karaoke Kids. Have fun and entertain them with the songs chosen from popular classics and new hits for the older ones.

You can buy other songs besides the ones it already has included. Enjoy family fun at home or while traveling with children, and save those good moments on your iPhone. You can also share videos by mail, Facebook, or YouTube.

9. KaraFun


KaraFun isn’t a very popular Karaoke singing app for iPhone, but it still gets new songs daily. The app quickly updates the latest hits, and you can enjoy this app on your Mac.

Currently, there are over 54,000 songs available on the app which you can sing to. You even get an option to control the lead & background vocals of the tracks, download songs for offline playback, etc.

10. Music Hits Jukebox

Music Hits Jukebox

Music Hits JukeBox is a FREE app that gives you a very easy way to find the best music of all time.

It includes the top charts for every year since 1959, the best songs from the 80s’ and 90s’, the best pop music charts, best love songs, Rap music, R&B Hip-Hop Songs, Rock Songs, Rock Ballads, Hard Rock, Metal, Country, Disco, Latin, Movie soundtracks, etc.

Finally, now you know the best karaoke apps for iPhone, and you can use these iPhone karaoke applications to free the singer you have. Then why wait for someone to play an instrument while you have excellent karaoke apps for iOS to get the job done! So, what do you think about this list? Share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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