Smartphone’s stock keyboard is never quick enough, never autocorrect accurately and frequently lead to disappointment. As we all know Keyboards are important, and today we are going to describe 25 best keyboard apps that will ultimately change your typing experience.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ndroid is getting more popular due to its customization. Smartphone’s stock keyboard is never quick enough, never autocorrect accurately and frequently lead to disappointment. You might be very familiar with the fact that you can transform your boring stock keyboard app to the fashionable one, you just need to install one of the best keyboard apps for your AndroidThere are the variety of third-party keyboard apps for Android that has all sorts of features but I’m going to tell you about the best ones only. So let’s have a look at the best android keyboard 2019.

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25 Best Keyboard Apps For Your Android Smartphone

#1 SwiftKey

Microsoft SwiftKey-Tastatur
Microsoft SwiftKey-Tastatur
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free

Swift Key is the best keyboard for Android, I highly recommend all users use Swift Key.  It is No. 1 keyboard app on Play Store. SwiftKey Keyboard caters for all typing tastes – all colors, designs, and themes. Support for 100+ languages. Tapping or swipe-to-type. Tons of emoji (smileys, emoticons). So, this is one of the best keyboard apps for android free download.


  • It predicts your next word before you even press a key.
  • It also has smart learning feature which learns from your words and saves them.
  • Swift Key Flow feature which makes typing faster.
  • Multiple Layout Feature.

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#2 Gboard

Gboard – die Google-Tastatur
Gboard – die Google-Tastatur

Google Keyboard makes typing fast and easy with gesture and voice. Glide through letters with Gesture Typing to enter words – just lift your finger to finish a word and gesture again, no spacebar required. Compose text on-the-go with Voice Typing. When you can’t find the right words, express yourself with the perfect emoji.

Features Of Google Keyboard:

  •  Personalized suggestions, corrections, and completions.
  •  Emoji entry point and layouts (Android Lollipop 5.0,)
  •  Gesture Typing with dynamic floating preview.
  •  Space aware Gesture Typing.
  •  Voice Typing.
  •  Dictionaries for 26 languages.
  •  Advanced keyboard layouts.

#3 AI Type Keyboard Plus

ai.type Plus + Emoji Tastatur
ai.type Plus + Emoji Tastatur
Developer: ai.type
Price: 3,19 €

This also best one because of its user-friendly User Interface. Ai.type is the smartest, most personalized keyboard for smartphones and tablets. With over 40 million users worldwide, it transforms the messaging experience.

Features Of AI Type Keyboard Plus:

  • Word Prediction & Auto-Correction
  • Grammar Check
  • Swipe
  • Voice Narration
  • Customization

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#4 Swype

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

It is one of the older and best keyboards available on Play Store. Swype pays attention to the way you input text and creates a personal language model that follows you from device to device.

Features Of Swype:

  • Bilingual support
  • Personal dictionary backup & sync
  • Next word prediction
  • Voice/Text dictionary sync
  • Keyboard themes
  • Gestures

#5 Thumb Keyboard

Thumb Keyboard
Thumb Keyboard
Developer: Beansoft
Price: 2,14 €

Thumb Keyboard for Android is a keyboard with many, advanced customization options that allow the user to adjust it to his or her preferences. This groundbreaking keyboard introduces a lot of innovations.

Features Of Thumb Keyboard:

  • Flexible keyboard layouts
  • Fully customizable
  • Multi-touch
  • Auto-correction
  • Text to speech feedback
  • Swipe gesture support
  • Change colors and size of keys, font, etc.

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#6 KiKa Keyboard

Kika Emoji Keyboard is a smart emoji keyboard app for the Android phone that makes typing fast, easy and fun. Over 10 million people are using Kika Keyboard to type and share ideas. This is one of the best emoji keyboard for android.

Features Of Kika Keyboard:

  • Send 1200+ emoji & emoticons across Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Gmail, Kik and more.
  • The 1st keyboard with native support for WhatsApp’s skin tone emojis
  • Support newest Android emojis like middle fingers, unicorn, and taco for OS which is above 6.0
  • 100+ awesome themes/skins and cool fonts to suit your style
  • Personalize your keyboard skins with photos or colors

#7 Go Keyboard

Turn plain text into smiley emoji and emoticons. Communicate with emoji and emotions such as Emoji and emoticons speak 1000 times louder than words. Easy to find emoji and emoticons in the keyboard area.GO Keyboard supports 60+ languages and thousands of themes. The emoji, emoticons, and sticker in the keyboard are compatible across all popular apps.

Features Of Go Keyboard:

  • FREE emoji, emoticons, sticker and other smiley faces
  • Smart enough to recognize mistyping, provide correction suggestions and make your typing easy.
  • It provides various layouts such as QWERTY keyboard, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard for pad tablet.

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#8 Hitap Indic Keyboard

Hitap Indic Keyboard
Hitap Indic Keyboard
Developer: Funnytap Tech
Price: Free

Hitap keyboard contains more than 80+ languages in the worldwide including 12 India native languages which is being used by over 5 million people. Hitap Indic keyboard provides music themes, picture theme, emoticons, emoji, stickers, making typing funnier. So, its another best android keyboard 2019.

Features Of Hitap Indic Keyboard:

  • Free download large amount of characteristic keyboard themes, and making each time of your click different along with sound, special effects, and exclusive font theme.
  • Download one of your picture you like, it can become your input method skin, the picture can be your self-portrait, idol, lover or your family, which can make them accompany you all the time.
  • The size of a keyboard can be adjusted to adapt kinds of operation gesture, a liberation of your hands and follow your heart.

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#9 Fleksy + GIF Keyboard

Fleksy is the most fun, customizable way to type, and officially the fastest keyboard in the world. Fleksy is the only keyboard that allows you to find and send GIFs, and customize your keyboard with powerful extensions and beautiful themes. So, its one of the best keyboard app for android 2019.


  • Navigate apps right from your keyboard with Launcher.
  • Copy/paste, control your cursor, and more with Editor.
  • Fleksy keyboard uses next-generation autocorrect so accurate you can type without even looking, and type with record-setting speed using intuitive gestures
  • Show your style on Fleksy’s beautiful keyboard with over 40 colorful themes, including favorites like Frozen, The Hunger Games, and more.

#10 Minuum Keyboard

Minuum Keyboard Free + Emoji
Minuum Keyboard Free + Emoji
Developer: Whirlscape
Price: Free+

The smarter, smaller keyboard that lets you do more with your screen space. It’s the little keyboard for big fingers. You can speed up your typing via suggestions from a predictive engine that learns from your word list, word combos, and language use patterns.


  • Fast sloppy typing
  • More screen space
  • Different alphabet arrangements
  • Expansion to full-sized keyboard
  • Smart word prediction
  • Vocabulary control

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#11 Kii Keyboard 2

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Kii Keyboard 2 is another best emoji keyboard for android which you can use today. It’s the successor of the original popular Kii Keyboard, love by millions of users. Kii Keyboard 2 is free to use.

Features of Kii Keyboard 2:

  • Emoji Keyboard: support messaging emoji to ios and android
  • Best all-in-one keyboard optimized for both phone and tablets
  • Accurate and smart keyboard predictions
  • User defined text shortcuts

#12 Khmer Smart Keyboard

Khmer Smart Keyboard
Khmer Smart Keyboard
Developer: ALiEN DEV
Price: Free

This is one of the simplest keyboard apps you can ever have on your Android smartphone. With intuitive gestures and fun animation, the keyboard is just fantastic

Features of Khmer Smart Keyboard:

  • Fast typing with flick gesture
  • Word prediction
  • Delete by swiping left
  • Change mode by swiping right
  • Swipe Spacebar left/right to switch between English/Khmer

#13 Redraw Keyboard Emoji & Themes

Neue 2021-Tastatur
Neue 2021-Tastatur

Redraw Keyboard Emoji & Themes is more than an emoji keyboard with fancy letters as it also offers an impressive new keyboard theme 2017 collection that includes top keyboard themes. Even better, you can also make your own keyboard themes!


  • change keyboard font and text font
  • emoji projection keyboard, (you get suggestions of new or classic keyboard emoji)
  • best design keyboard themes with amazing layouts and graphics
  • create your own keyboard theme

#14 Typany Keyboard – Emoji, Theme

Typany Keyboard – A Simple, Fast, Fashionable keyboard with comprehensive customization feature! Typany Keyboard is designed to deliver you the fastest and most personalized mobile typing experience. So, its another best android keyboard 2019.

Features of Typany Keyboard:

  • Select a photo from the album, take the favorite key font, color effect to customize your own keyboard.
  • Create your own Emoji and unleash the creativity with great fun.
  • real typo-killer with advanced correction models.
  • Learn as you type. No need to manually add words to a personal dictionary.

#15 Chrooma GIF Keyboard

Chrooma - Chamäleon-Tastatur RGB
Chrooma - Chamäleon-Tastatur RGB

Chrooma Keyboard is a lightweight, fast keyboard that adapts its color to the app you are using. Chrooma Keyboard is powered by a smart artificial intelligence that provides you a better contextual prediction.

#16 Swiftmoji – Emoji Keyboard

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Swiftmoji emoji keyboard helps you reach your true emoji potential. Get perfect emoji predictions based on what you’ve just typed


  • Find the emoji you want FAST – no more slow searching!
  • Be creative & use emoji you forgot existed
  • No more switching to emoji, let them come to you!
  • Get emoji inspiration right when you need it
  • Always have the latest emoji available

#17 Ginger Keyboard

Ginger offers tons of emoji, stickers, animated GIFs, themes and free in-app games, as well as advanced artificial Intelligence capabilities to analyze your text, learn your writing as you type and provide you with grammar, punctuation and spelling corrections accordingly.


  • Grammar Checker and Spell Check
  • Emoji, Emoji Art, stickers and Animated GIFs
  • Word Prediction
  • Keyboard in-app games

#18 Cheetah Keyboard

Cheetah Keyboard is the first 3D Android keyboard app on Google Play Store. It’s an ad free, highly rated app that will provide you thousands of free keyboard themes, cool graphics, and excellent typing experience.


  • It has its own Powerful online dictionary
  • Lots of keyboard themes to choose from
  • Voice input feature and fast swype

#19 iKeyboard

This is yet another best keyboard app you can have on your Android smartphone. iKeyboard is filled with over 100 creative themes and the theme list is updated frequently. Apart from these, it has some awesome feature like word prediction, smart correction and much more


  • 100+ colorful and customizable themes, skins
  • 1200+ emoji, smileys, and emoticons
  • Smooth swipe-to-type feature
  • Search for and send animated GIFs, stickers

#20 Tenor

GIF Keyboard by Tenor
GIF Keyboard by Tenor
Developer: Tenor Google
Price: Free

With Tenor’s GIF Keyboard you can discover the right GIF or video to visually sum up exactly what you’re trying to say, directly from your keyboard. Express the emotion, inside joke, or clever response you want to share.


  • Send the right GIF or video to express exactly what you’re you’re trying to say, directly from your keyboard!
  • Search Tenor’s millions of GIFs and videos to find the one that perfectly fits your moment. You can also search by emoji.

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#21 TouchPal Keyboard

TouchPal Android keyboard 2019 is a new keyboard with fun emoji, predictive text and glide typing. Type fast single-handedly by just gliding on the letters! In the meantime, it protects you from embarrassing typos, thanks to its excellent AI feature, even when you are using swipe typing.


  • Type messages single-handedly, especially useful with pad
  • Number row available all the time: Enable number row in the settings
  • Yawn face, wink face or frown face: just choose whatever you like and send it
  • Voice typing: Easily dictate text with the long press

#22 Lipikaar Hindi Keyboard

Lipikaar Hindi Keyboard
Lipikaar Hindi Keyboard

Lipikar Keyboard app is especially meant for Indian users who want to send email, messages or WhatsApp chats in Hindi. This is the only best keyboard app available on Google Play Store that allows users to send messages in the Hindi Language.


  • No memorizing key positions.
  • Simple and intuitive typing in Hindi using regular English (QWERTY) keyboard.
  • No fluency in English is required. Lipikaar encourages users to think in their language

#23 Bobble Keyboard

Bobble Keyboard is one of the best keyboard app available on Google Play Store that provides some extraordinary features. The app is packed with thousands of emojis, memes, stickers, funny GIFs, themes, and fonts.


  • When words can’t express it, say it with hilarious & fun stickers & GIFs!
  • The advanced face recognition technology converts your selfie into a cartoon Bobble head.
  • Type text in your own language and get relevant stickers & GIFs
  • Type your message and press the GIF button to get relevant GIF suggestions.

#24 FancyKey Keyboard

Well, if you are looking for a free and good looking keyboard app for your Android, then FancyKey Keyboard might be a great choice for you. FancyKey Keyboard is a free and fully customizable keyboard which comes with lots of unique features.


  • FancyKey Keyboard brings over 3200 emoji, emoticons, and arts
  • The keyboard app houses over 70 good looking fonts
  • In terms of customization, FancyKey Keyboard offers more than 50 themes.
  • FancyKey Keyboard also brings multiple typing effects

#25 Grammarly Keyboard

We have listed the best one on the last. Grammarly Keyboard is by far the best and useful keyboard app that you should have on your device. The app can help you to improve your writing skills because it effectively scans and checks for writing errors. So, with Grammarly Keyboard you can ensure Mistake free writing.


  • Grammarly Keyboard brings a Sophisticated grammar checker which scans and corrects all grammar errors
  • The app also offers a Contextual spelling checker which corrects your typing errors in real-time
  • Advanced Punctuation correction and vocabulary enhancements.

So, this is all about the best Android keyboard apps. You can select any of the listed apps and can install on your Android smartphone to replace your default stock keyboard app. Hope you like our work, do share with others too. Leave a comment below if you want to suggest some other keyboard app


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