10 Best Video Streaming Apps In 2021
10 Best Video Streaming Apps In 2021

In today’s world of the internet, most people prefer to watch their favorite TV shows and all the other content on their smartphone on the go. Video Streaming applications have now become the prime requirement, Now the concept of entertainment has entirely changed.

When it comes to video streaming applications, you are loaded with tons of options; some of them are free or paid. Here in this article, we are to review the 10 Best Video Streaming Apps, All the applications are not free, but you have to pay if you want to enjoy their premium content.

List of 10 Best Video Streaming Apps In 2021

1. Hotstar

Best Video Streaming Apps

Hoststar is the first name that comes to mind; Hotstar allows you to watch all your favorite TV shows, movies, and all the other international content for free. Hotstar is not entirely free, but what they offer you for free is sufficient for the normal user. 

Some Cool Features Of Hotstar

  • Hotstar allows you to watch streaming all the visual contact in more than 25+ languages. 
  • You can stream content in different quality from Mp4 to 4k.
  • Hotstar also allows you to watch live tv shows, cricket matches, all sports events.

2. Netflix

Netflix is one of the best leading video streaming services, allows you to watch all your favorite tv shows, movies on different platforms like smart TV, laptop, tab, or mobile phone. It supports 4K, Miracast, smart TVs, Chromecast and game consoles, HDR10, and Dolby vision.

Some Cool Features Of Netflix

  • Netflix is a premium video streaming application; they will also offer you a 30-day free trial.
  • You will get the full proof of parental controls.
  • You can enjoy Netflix worldwide with your subscription.

3. VidMate

VidMate allows you to watch all your favorite content and download it in different quality from Mp4 to 4K. You can watch all your favorite content for free; VidMate is entirely free. You can download your favorite video from various social networking websites and video streaming platforms. 

Some Cool Features Of VidMate

  • You can stream and download your favorite content from a different website in different formats and quality. 
  • VidMate is available in more than 200+ countries.
  • You can watch television live in HD quality.

4. Amazon Prime Video

Best Video Streaming Apps

It’s a premium video streaming service; Amazon Prime Video allows you to watch all the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies. You can explore their collection of thousands of top Bollywood and regional Indian hits. It also allows you to enjoy the first episode of any TV show for free.

Some Cool Features Of Amazon Prime Video

  • If you become a premium member of Amazon Prime Video, then you can subscribe to more than 100+ premium channels for free.
  • Amazon Prime Video allows you to only pay for those you want to watch. 

5. JioCinema



JioCinema is one of the best, most used video & like tv streaming applications; You can only enjoy JioCinema if you are a Jio Sim user. JioCinema allows you to explore an extensive collection of movies, comedies, animations, especially Bollywood movies in 15+ Indian languages. 

Some Cool Features Of JioCinema

  • JioCinema is the most preferred, top-rated video streaming application, especially in the Indian entertainment industry. 
  • You can also restrict your kids from unwanted content by just setting a PIN.

6. YouTube and YouTube TV

Best Video Streaming Apps

Youtube doesn’t need any introduction to the best free video streaming application, You have to pay for YouTube TV, but YouTube is entirely free. All the leading news channels are currently streaming their live TV shows over youtube. 

Some Cool Features Of Youtube

  • YouTube allows streaming your favorite content in different quality and can download it for offline entertainment.
  • You can watch your videos in different qualities & formats from Mp4 to 4k on different devices.

7. Hulu


Hulu allows you to stream all old and latest movies, TV series, and many more; it’s not entirely free. You have to pay for that. You will experience the best video quality and the best video content. It’s a user-friendly streaming service.

Some Cool Features Of Hulu

  • You can watch more than 60 live sports, news, and entertainment channels.
  • Aveliebl on all the platforms including mobile devices, smart TV, laptop, tab

8. Twitch


Twitch is primarily focused on video game live streaming, but you can watch creative content, sports competitions, music, real-life stream, and many more with minimum ads. Its theatre mode or full-screen mode allows you to minimize the interruption. 

Some Cool Features Of Twitch

  • You will get multiple features called “emotes.”
  • Offers you free games each month.
  • You can also upload video clips to the platform.

9. SonyLiv

Best Video Streaming Apps

SonyLiv allows you to stream Indian TV Serials, Online Movies, Live Sports Updates, Original Shows, Music in multiple languages. You can watch all the nation & international TV shows with their premium subscriptions; the application not free, but it’s too affordable.

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Some Cool Features Of Twitch

  • It allows you to stream in different qualities.
  • Has an extensive collection of nation and international movies. 
  • SonyLiv is not free, but it’s too affordable.

10. PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is the transparent competition to traditional cable; You can watch TV programs, including news, entertainment channels, and live sports. It allows you to choose from the package and enjoy ninety independent TV channels seamlessly. PlayStation Vue is not free but very affordable. 

Some Cool Features Of PlayStation Vue

  • PlayStation Vue provides you top-notch functionality.
  • Allows you to customize the service in your mobile app
  • You will get excellent streaming performance


All the above-featured video streaming applications are almost free. Some of them offer you a premium subscription, but you only need to pay if you want to enjoy their premium content, including some international TV shows or movies.

We hope this article on 10 Best Video Streaming Apps is helpful for you; if the article is helpful for you in any manner, then do share it with your friends; stay connected with us for all the tech updates across the globe.


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