Well, the price of Bitcoin has seen a massive growth this year. According to the reports from Coindesk, the price of Bitcoin jumped to $10,000 recently on Tuesday. Right now the price of Bitcoin is trading a little below $10,000.

Bitcoin Crosses $10,000 To Reach A New All-Time High

Bitcoin’s price has been hitting record highs. It has been less than 48 hours since we reported that the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin had surpassed the $ 9,000 mark. Earlier this morning, a single BTC (Bitcoin) was priced at $10,000.

As there are just over 16.7 million bitcoins issued, and the market value of this popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin reaches the US $168 billion, equivalent to more than Rs.10 trillion. This is more than twice the total real in circulation in the country.

This popular crypto-currency, Bitcoin more than tripled in three months; in August, a bitcoin was worth $3,000. Since the beginning of 2017, when the currency was quoted at less than a thousand dollars, the accumulated valuation is about 900%.

Other virtual currencies are also breaking records, such as the Ethereum-based ether, which had its price multiplied 58 times in 2017 from $8 to $470. In addition, the more than 1,000 crypto coins represent a US market value $308 billion, equivalent to more than Rs.19 trillion.

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