If you have been using Windows operating system for a while, then you might know that the operating system is not entirely free from bugs. Not just that, but the security risk is also high on Windows compared to any other desktop operating system.

Since the security risks on Windows is high, security implementation is one of the most significant needs on Windows OS. Fortunately, there are plenty of free Antivirus software available for the Windows operating system like Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, etc.

Out of all those, Avast free version seems to be the best one. Avast is one of the leading security tool available for Windows that can detect and block viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, and phishing. Not just that, but Avast free antivirus also uses smart analytics to stop threats before they affect you.

How To Fix ‘Broken Registry Items’ On Avast Antivirus

Right now, Avast Free Antivirus is used by millions of users to detect and block potential security threats. The antivirus is fast, robust, reliable, and it doesn’t slow down the computer. However, Avast Free Antivirus users were receiving ‘broken registry items’ after scanning their PC.

Fix 'Broken Registry Items' On Avast Antivirus
Fix ‘Broken Registry Items’ On Avast Antivirus

After the scanning process, Avast free antivirus shows that it has detected broken registry items. Now the broken registry items counts vary from device to device. Some users have reported that the antivirus is showing ‘broken registry items – 392’, ‘broken registry items – 188’, ‘broken registry items – 1600’, etc.

Since registry items are mostly related to system files, users are worried about the errors. So, in this article, we have decided to explore everything about the ‘Broken registry items’ error message on Avast.

What is Broken Registry Items?

Before knowing about the ‘Broken Registry item’ users need to understand what is Registry files. Registry files are simply the database that stored with the software configuration information. The program settings, associated file extensions, desktop background, etc. are stored in the Registry files.

What Is Registry Files?
What Is Registry Files?

Let’s say if a user installs new desktop software or any theme, the information and settings were stored in the registry. It’s an automatic process, and there’s no need to edit or modify the registry files.

Registry files are modified every time – during the software installation or uninstallation. The broken registry items are simply the result of the removal or uninstallation of software that leaves the modified registry files in the directory. So, during the scanning process, the Avast Antivirus checks for the registry files and it lists all modified registry values as ‘Broken Files’.

How To Fix Avast Broken Registry Items?

Some experts have claimed that using a registry cleaner software often triggers the ‘Avast broken registry items’ errors. Since registry cleaners scan and remove outdated entries, it leads to broken registry items errors.

How To Fix Avast Broken Registry Items?
How To Fix Avast Broken Registry Items?

So, the use of a registry cleaner in such a situation can invite other troubles to your PC. Broken registries won’t do any damage to your computer. It even doesn’t consume much disk space compared to the desktop software. So, the ‘broken registry items’ are almost certainly harmless and not worth fixing.

Still if the ‘avast broken registry items’ is bothering you, then you can restore your computer to the previous state. To restore the computer to the previous state, read our article How to Create Daily System Restore Points in Windows. If you have a registry backup, then you can restore the old registry to fix the ‘avast broken registry items’ errors.

Restore Old Registry
Restore Old Registry

Modifying registry values is also not the best option to fix avast broken registry items errors because it can trigger different errors. If you believe that the ‘avast broken registry items’ is appearing due to malware attacks, then you can run a full scan with Malwarebytes free scanner. For the best antivirus tool, read our article – 10 Best Antivirus For PC In 2020 For Windows and Mac

So, this is all about ‘avast broken registry items’ and how to fix it. If you know any other method to fix the error, let us know in the comment box below.

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