iPhone hack

Apple users still have a hard time to believe that their privacy has been exploited for more than two years and there is one more privacy-related concern has arisen, and more than 1 billion iPhone users are yet to face more revelations upon this issue.

China Took an Advantage of iPhone hack to Target Muslim community

A recent report that Techviral published today stated that a lot of hacked websites are exploiting iPhone users’ security and stealing their personal information by implanting malware. The whole research was conducted by Google Zero project members.

The report claimed that hackers could easily target a particular demographic, interest, and a nation. According to TechCrunch, the hacked websites were a part of the state-backed attack, China, that were designed to target the Uighur community of Xinjiang state.

The Chinese government has been taking down the minority community over the past few years. Last year, Beijing detained more than a million Uyghurs in internment camps, as per the reports from United nation human rights committee.

The primary concern is that China took advantage of the iPhone hack to target the Uyghurs; this is hard-hitting news for the Apple community. If China can take advantage of this vulnerability, then anyone can do it.

These websites were indexed on Google, and the researchers say that the attack was not limited to a particular geographical location, anyone who would visit the site could have been under attack.

Google reported Apple about these vulnerabilities in February though apple fixed the vulnerabilities as soon as they received the reports from Google. The news has been released a few days before the upcoming launch event for iPhone 11.


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