Chinese Man Sold His Daughter To Buy iPhone and MotorBike
Chinese Man Sold His Daughter To Buy iPhone and MotorBike

A young Chinese man aged 19 has reportedly sold his newborn daughter and then used the money to buy an iPhone and Bike. However, this incident is not new in China, last year Chinese Man also sold his daughter to buy an iPhone.

Chinese Man Sold His Daughter To Buy iPhone and MotorBike

A Chinese Man namely “A Duan” which is pronounced as “ah dwahn” has sold his 18 day old daughter to a person about 1 year ago and he reportedly got about 23,000 Yuan [$3,520] after the rate bargaining. This incident happened in the city of Tongan, which lies in the eastern coastal province of Fujian.

The mother of the daughter sold was underage when she delivered the child and she did some part time jobs. A Duan, didn’t completed high school and devoted his time in Internet Cafes. A Duan found that he could sell the baby and he did same without the will of his wife.

Aduan got a buyer for his daughter on famous social media site, QQ and the man bought his child for his sister.

After the baby girl was sold, Xiao mie (Mother of the Child) fled the city and was finally caught by the Police and arrested. She said ” “I myself was adopted, and many people in my hometown send their kids to other people to raise them,” she said “I really didn’t know that it was illegal.”

A Duan was awarded three years sentence, and Xiao Mei was given suspended sentence of two and a half years. She is taking care of her disabled parents and is helping for education of his younger brother studying in middle school.

The person who bought the baby surrendered before police, once the couple was arrested. The buyers sister still possesses the baby as they are in no position to raise the baby girl.

Last Year, man sold his kidneys to buy iPhone and some people are selling their children’s in China in order to buy the iPhone or other stuff. Leave your comments below and express your views about this.


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