Learn how to Choose the Right Video Quality for Mobile Streaming using the simple tricky method that will help you to alter streaming quality. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]veryone loves to watch the videos no matter they are using the small devices or the large computer devices. It is quite a fun to view the amazing videos from numerous sources and these videos do refresh the whole mood of the person. This is somehow true for the users those who are streaming over the fast internet connections, but what about those people using the video streaming over their smaller mobile devices with the slow speed networks. They usually tend to face lots of issues and sometimes due to their bad selection of the video resolution they tend to suffer from lots of stuttering during the playing. The reason behind the slow video loading is simple to be justified as the internet connection is the only reason. While the internet connection is not the alone reason behind the stuttering and buffering videos, you are also the cause of it. The selection of the right video quality and resolution by you can tremendously affect the video load up times and the performance over the mobile devices. Here in this post, we will be revealing you about the accurate way of setting or choosing the perfect video quality on the mobile devices so that you may not face any harsh issues in playing these media stuff. So let’s carry on to the article and start to learn some new techniques!

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How to Choose the Right Video Quality for Mobile Streaming

Below are some ways that you can choose to get the best from your network by choosing the right quality for your streaming media.


#1 Choosing the Video Resolution

Choose the Right Video Quality for Mobile Streaming
Choose the Right Video Quality for Mobile Streaming

The resolution of the video defines the quality of the video and the overall output that you can be able to see on the device. Now it is to be noted that for every particular device with the different screen sizes the video resolution needs not to be same so as to provide the exactly great quality output or the same quality output. The full HD resolution will look great on the large screen devices while the 480p resolution will give the same output on the 5-inch screen sizes or slightly large displays. So never waste your data consumption and the speed over the overflow of the resolution.

#2 Auto Mode

Choose the Right Video Quality for Mobile Streaming
Choose the Right Video Quality for Mobile Streaming

Never go with the Auto mode of the various online video players like Youtube as you might not get the best quality output all the times but the resolution and the size of the video playback will be chosen depending on the network speed randomly. Make sensible actions yourself and this can prove to be really helpful. Try to make the choice of video quality yourself and not let the apps do that for you.

#3 Use the video quality controlling

Choose the Right Video Quality for Mobile Streaming
Choose the Right Video Quality for Mobile Streaming

Use the video quality controlling apps on your device that will always restrict the video quality to your preferred settings. There is actually numerous video quality setting apps on the internet that could help to change the video definition on your device and you shall be seeing the same quality output in every online media services. We are talking about all the platforms like Windows, iOS and the Android etc as each of these OS have really nice apps for performing the function of video quality management.

Retarding videos can be boring and you can be easily turned away from playing these yet you were to view it for long enough time. Now as in the article we provided you the way of changing the video quality on the mobile so as to make it stream more smoothly and perfectly. Grasp the whole things down and then apply to your mobile so as to grab the best possible video quality output. We hope that you would have liked this article and might have got benefitted out of the information being provided. Please try to share this article so as to support our work, and do imprint your opinions regarding the article inside the comments section!


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