Christmas Lights Control Via a Web Browser
Christmas Lights Control Via a Web Browser

InShortViral: Using the browser from your computer will switch any of your lights outdoor or indoor.

To control the Christmas lights through a web browser? Yes, please! Christmas celebrations are already to an end, and people are bottled in its resolutions for the new year as now 2016.

Maybe one of those purposes is to remove the Christmas decorations, including dancers and multicolored lights that decorate the house in these special days.

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Christmas Lights Control From a Website

However, if you really want to keep intact Christmas spirit and you are forced to remove the lights that worked so hard for you to mount, here we bring an invention that can keep you busy for some time: the ability to control holiday lights a home from wherever you want.

But this can be possible from your web browser, What? Yes, Using the browser from your computer will switch any of you lights outdoor or indoor.

How could it be otherwise, this story takes place in the United States, the country where it is customary lighting homes with enthusiasm and dedication. More specifically in Fairbanks, a city of Alaska. A couple, Ken, and Rebecca-Ellen, who love to fill your home with colorful lights when Christmas comes, has decided to take a step further in their hobby.

This couple has created a web page from which anyone can control the lights in your home as he pleases. The page shows us the house in real time, on the outside. Through a series of simple commands in the browser can turn on or off individual lights.

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The Website Shows The Real Time Lights ON or OFF

It is true that there is a slight delay before the lights respond to our commands, but eventually, they do. We do not know when it will be on, so I recommend you take advantage now and you go through the site to play with them.

The truth is that the wording would like to know how you have managed to assemble this system. Although the question everyone asked is another: how will you handle this couple to pay the electricity bill?