Let’s have a look on method that will help you to clear all your spotlight search history of your iPhone, so that no one can get to know what you had searched on that. Follow the complete guide below.

About Spotlight

A spotlight is a simple approach to discovering practically anything on your iPhone or iPad. From the field, you can hunt down music and applications, contacts and email messages, and much, a great deal more. Best of all, Spotlight is effortlessly available from the Home screen — any Home screen.

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How to Search Using Spotlight on your iPhone or iPad:

  • From any Home screen page of your iPhone or iPad, touch your finger to the screen and drag down to reveal the Spotlight search field.
  • Type what you’re looking for and hit Search.

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How to Clear Spotlight Search History in iPhone (iOS 10)

iPhone’s have had Spotlight scan for a long while now, and it is extremely convenient. You can swipe left from your home screen or swipe down to get to the Spotlight inquiry, and hunt down anything you like. That is just fine, yet if you utilize the Spotlight seek on your iPhone or iPad a ton, you likely have a considerable measure of stuff in the hunting history that appears underneath it.

If Apple made them thing ideal with Spotlight look history on iPhone, it was the way that it indicates just the last three quests you’ve done. In any case, there is no alternative to clear that history. Along these lines, if you need to clear the Spotlight to seek history on your iPhone or iPad, here is the way you can do it in iOS 10:

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Steps to Clear Spotlight Search History in iPhone (iOS 10):

While it may not resemble it’s conceivable to clear the Spotlight to seek history on an iPhone, there is an approach to do it. It’s not precisely a given “alternative”, but rather to a greater extent a quick workaround that you can use to dispose of the pursuit history on your iPhone:

  1. Go to “Settings -> General -> Spotlight Search”.

    Clear Spotlight Search History in iPhone
    Clear Spotlight Search History in iPhone

  2. Here, simply toggle the switch next to “Siri Suggestions” to “Off”, and the turn it back on.

    Clear Spotlight Search History in iPhone
    Clear Spotlight Search History in iPhone

  3. This will clear the scan history for your iPhone’s Spotlight seek, and take your Spotlight seek screen back to its clean(ish) look.

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This is the screen where you can oversee everything identified with the Spotlight look screen on your iPhone. Lamentably, it doesn’t have any choices to clear the hunting history down Spotlight seek, which resembles a tragic oversight by Apple. Notwithstanding, this screen lets you alter a considerable measure of things about the Spotlight look on your iPhone, so play around with the settings here, on the off chance that you ever need to change the outcomes that Spotlight seek indicates you on your iPhone.