Colorize the Black and White Photos
Colorize the Black and White Photos

In this article, we have stated the method by which you can easily Colorize the Black and White Photos by using the best 4 ways to convert black and white photo to colored in any of your smart devices.

It’s very easy to convert any colored photo into the black and white photo, just get in the colored version of the photo and using any small photo editor apply the black and white filter and it will be transformed into Black and White. But you might get confused while thinking about how you can actually create the colored version of the photo from the Black and White one that is available but doesn’t struggle to find it by your own as you won’t go so far with your mind. There are some best and easy techniques which when used can help you to easily color your Black and White photos and get up the more than satisfactory results most of the times. To learn more about these methods, you will have to read this entire article and after that, you could easily use this method for real applications on your photos.

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How to Colorize the Black and White Photos

Below are the certain ways by which you can easily colorize the black and white photos in your devices. So, have a look on all these methods below.

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#1  Colorization Requests Reddit

Colorize the Black and White Photos
Colorize the Black and White Photos

Reddit service hosts many skillful people on the internet and takes them in front of the online world, people use to request for something that they want to have done and these people quickly capture these tasks to get it done accordingly. Using this service, you can publish your B/W photo and then ask the skillful users to make the colored version of the same. You can either post that work to be free or you can set up the payment for that same task, depends on you whether you wish to acquire more technical persons for your task.

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#2 ColorizePhoto Convertor WebAppColorize the Black and White Photos2

This online service provides you some control over adding colors to your image but most of the processing is done by it only, your uploaded image file that is in black and white version will be redirected with a resulting colored image. Just use the compare tools to compare your pic with any other colored pic of the same kind and then this tool will work to give it’s best. This one could be best used for portraits and less complicated sceneries.

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#3 Colorize-it

Colorize the Black and White Photos
Colorize the Black and White Photos

Just upload your black and white version of the photo to any of the image hosting service like Image etc and then copy the link of the hosted image from there. Use that link and paste it to the Colorize-it online service and you will be responded with a colored version of your photo which you can download for further use. Note that this service although provides great results but is not always very much accurate, still you can get satisfactory or above mid-level colored images.

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#4 Photoshop

Colorize the Black and White Photos
Colorize the Black and White Photos

This is one of the greatest image editor software that has been ever made for computer devices, using this software one can do almost anything with the images. So if this software is capable of making any changes to the images then it can also help you to colorize the black and white photos too. You just have to first learn to use all the available tools inside this software and after that, you can easily transform your B/W version of picture into a colored one.

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And these were all tricks and methods that you can use for transforming the black and white photos into the colored and much more beautiful looking pictures. Keep in mind that while using some of these techniques you may need to have some advance knowledge and skills but most of them do not require more than basic level skills of your Computer surfing. Another thing that you should get is that you won’t get up the amazing results all the time and your pictures may not get great colors every time, but still it’s more than worth techniques so you must go for these.



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