Linux is an open-source operating system for computer devices, much like Windows. The only difference here is that this one is certainly a more powerful and fully command-based OS.

Since Linux is an open-source operating system, it allows infinite sets of customization options. With the right commands, you can do everything on a Linux-based device.

Configure Linux for Children

If your kids want to learn to code or explore the world of Linux, you can gift them a laptop and install a Linux distro. Several Linux distros available on the web could be helpful for your kids. Here are the best Linux distros for Children.

1. Edubuntu


This is a Linux distro made with a lot of care, and the main focus has been set on educational purposes. Multiple educational software tools and apps are pre-installed on the app, making it easier and quicker for the children to start learning more things. You can use this distro to make your child joyfully focus on education.

2. Ubermix


Extremely easy to use as the UI of this Linux distro is amazingly focused on everything well. Again as the above distro was made with education in focus, this distro is also made for the children, and the educational content is filled all inside it.

Tons of graphics and the easy operations of anything inside it help the users to grab all of the knowledge in a cool way. This distro helps make any computer a powerful learning module for children.

3. Sugar


This is the distro heavily biased towards the usage in the classroom. Any child with this distro on their computer will be able to learn some programming skills but unknowingly in a rather smarter way.

Overall, this Linux provides the ing stuff apart from only the learning material; your children would enjoy using it.

So, these are some of the best Linux distros for your children. If you want to suggest any more Linux Distros for kids, let us know in the comments below.


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