How To Crash Someone's Whatsapp By Sending Lots Of Smileys
How To Crash Someone's Whatsapp

Crash someone’s Whatsapp by sending lots of smiles to overload the memory byte handling of Whatsapp Messenger.

Recently a vulnerability has been discovered in the wildly popular messaging app WhatsApp, which allows anyone to crash WhatsApp just by sending a specially crafted message remotely. If this exploit catches on, we’re likely looking at around 500 million users who could be affected by this vulnerability unless WhatsApp patches it up in haste as this vulnerability can allow anyone to crash your WhatsApp.

As in this, someone can crash Whatsapp by sending multiple smileys on your number, and you can send it to some number, and the WhatsApp of that smartphone will not be able to handle that much packet at a time the app got crash. And anyone can do this by following up on the complete guide discussed below.

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How To Crash Someone’s Whatsapp By Sending Lots Of Smileys

The method is straightforward, and you need to send multiple copies of smileys to crash someone’s Whatsapp. As in WhatsApp, you are only allowed to send around 6,500-6,600 characters, and if you try to send as smileys, then the app wouldn’t handle that and will get crashed. So have a look at the complete discussion below.

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Steps to Test the Whastapp Crashing:

1. First of all attacker will need to send the smiley that displays on the screenshot below, and the smiley must be repeated around 4000 times, and for that you can copy and paste, and that’s easy on Whatsapp web.Whatsapp carash

2. Now, you just need to send it to the victim’s WhatsApp number, and when it taps on your message to open it, then the Whatsapp of that device will get crash.Whatsapp carash2

3. Now, the target WhatsApp will get crashed as the so many smileys’ packets will not get handled at the victim’s app, and the WhatsApp will stop responding.

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How To Secure Your Whatsapp From This Vulnerability

This vulnerability is already reported to Facebook to fix it as soon as possible, and it can take some time to fix it out. And there must be some patch or Update that will be soon available to fix out this Flaw. Until now, you can try some other method to get rid of this. And for that, you can Clear Conversation of that contact from which the message had arrived. Otherwise, it can even make your other chats to loss also.

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So above discussion was all about. With this, anyone can crash your WhatsApp, and the only method to recover from this flaw is Uninstalling your WhatsApp to protect it from crashing from the messages of smileys. Share this maximum to others aware too about this. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.