Create Custom Trackpad Gestures on Your Mac With BetterTouchTool
Create Custom Trackpad Gestures on Your Mac With BetterTouchTool

Now you can Create Custom Trackpad Gestures on Your Mac With BetterTouchTool that will allow you to better access your OS features. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]estures are the best way to make up the tasks go easier and also save up the time while doing those actions. Many of the complex actions could be transferred into simple and quick click on way. This is really good to have a number of gestures on your Mac because you could be able to perform numerous actions without any hefty loads in just seconds. Now you might be thinking that the gestures are all possible on the touchscreen devices, devices with dedicated modules for the same etc and how could this be performed in the Mac. The answer is simple there is a trackpad on the Mac on which you could assign the gestures. By default, only a few gestures are imprinted on the Trackpad software while the new gestures could be added in the Trackpad. We have found the method to add the trackpad gestures in the Mac with the use of BetterTouchTool and have written all about that in this post. So this was the short introduction to this article and now we are just heading to the part of this page where we have written about the method to create custom trackpad gestures on your Mac with the BetterTouchTool. If you are interested to know about the same then please go and read this article, please read till the end of the whole guidance. So let’s begin up with the main part of this article!

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How To Create Custom Trackpad Gestures on Your Mac With BetterTouchTool

Let’s have a look at the step by step guide to using this tool and creating the custom gestures below.

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Steps To Create Custom Trackpad Gestures on Your Mac With BetterTouchTool:

#1 BetterTouchTool is a great tool that is meant to change various aspects related to the trackpad gestures, keyboard, mouse actions etc. This is a paid tool that has the ultimate capabilities to transform any Mac computer into a great feature rich and shortcut rich device. You can customize almost everything related to the trackpad through this amazing tool. This tool is priced at 6 dollars but you get the chance to try it for free up to 45 days!

#2 To start making the new or the custom gestures with the BetterTouchTool you first need to install this on your Mac. Simply find it on the internet or inside the store and you shall be able to locate this tool for the installation. Once you have successfully installed this tool on your mac just skip to the next step so as to follow up the method.

#3 This tool would be available at the menu bar so you could easily launch this tool after installation. Now it is the time to launch this tool on your device so begin up doing this action. Click on the menu icon inside the tool and then click again on the preferences option. From here onwards we would be telling you to make up new gestures.

Create Custom Trackpad Gestures on Your Mac With BetterTouchTool
Create Custom Trackpad Gestures on Your Mac With BetterTouchTool

#4 Select the Trackpad section on the screen of the tool and under there below the rows click on the Add new Gesture Button. After clicking the button there would be a set of options arising over the screen below the rows. Through utilizing the specified option sets where you could now be able to create new gestures for the trackpad.

#5 Click on the Please Select a Gesture field and from the drop-down options that appear select the type from there. Like you will tend to see middle button click, right button click etc options. Now shift to the preferred action field and then select the dedicated option for the selected type through the list of the drop-down that appears. Save and Repeat the process to make up new gestures for the trackpad!

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Finally, you have known the importance of the trackpad gestures and how you could also create and define your own trackpad gestures on the Mac for the better control of the tasks and processing the actions rather quickly. Thank you for reading this post and the particular piece of information provided here inside this page. We hope that you might have actually got benefitted out of this article, and probably you would have also found this article to be totally focused onto the point. If you liked this article and the information provided here then please take some more time to share this with the other people so that they could also grab the same information. Also, do write about our work through the comments section below, we really value your suggestions and the opinions!


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