Learn how to Create Discord Server and Invite Your Friends using the simple app that will let your friends join your server where you can do some cool things. So follow the complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he online gamers or community gamers with their own group do tend to create the VoIP accounts through various services and hence play the games through there. The most commonly used VoIP is TeamSpeak in which about millions of players are already there. Subtly something happened on the internet at the time and the TeamSpeak was taken by storm and many users shifted to the newly arisen Discord service. The users would like to shift their whole data to this new VoIP and for that, they might need to hire the server space. Here in this article, we have described the method through which the Discord Server can be created and how you can invite your friends. If you wish to know about the way to do all that then just read about the method in this article!

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How to Create Discord Server and Invite Your Friends

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

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#1 First of all, open the Discord and start up with creating your own account, you know that it is easy to sign up for the account as you have to provide all the information asked. Just fill in the information inside the Discord and then proceed with your own account. You need to create this account if you want to create the server inside it.Create Discord Server and Invite Your Friends

#2 Once inside the Discord look for the + icon placed that will be located on the left side of the client app. Here on this page, you will see all the number of servers of which you are the part. You can also create your own new server and we will be letting you know about the process in the further steps.

#3 After clicking on the + Icon you will see a set of options through where you need to select the Create a Server option. Doing so will ask you about the name that you wish to put on the new server, so just fill it and then again on execution you will be asked to chose the Server region for the newly created Discord server. Chose the nearest region that suits your demands and performs the fastest. At the end when you have provided all the details and essential information, click on the Create button.

Create Discord Server and Invite Your Friends
Create Discord Server and Invite Your Friends

#4 Start to configure your newly created server so that you would be able to send the details and invite your friends on the Discord. For those who are willing to create the public services, they need to add multiple Text and Voice Channels. Simply click on the Text Channels or either on the Voice channels option and provide it with the particular name. Do the same to create multiple channels based on your needs.

Create Discord Server and Invite Your Friends
Create Discord Server and Invite Your Friends

#5 To add some security and verification to your Server on Discord go to the Moderation section located on the left pane and simply adjust the verification level for your server from there. You have the choice to make the verification process harder or easier for other users. Preferably make it harder so that others cannot add easily to your server by piercing through the security.

#6 While you are inside the Discord server click on the server name that you just created in the above steps and then in the drop-down menu that appears to click on invite people option. You will be taken to the panel from where you will see the Unique Link, this is your Discord Server invitation link! You can modify this linked behavior to some extent based on your requirements and the provided functions.

Create Discord Server and Invite Your Friends
Create Discord Server and Invite Your Friends

#7 You have now created your own Discord Account and the unique invitation link from where you will be able to add new users to the server. Share the link to your friends or whomsoever you wish to add and then send them the verification details so that they can process the link!

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 So through the Article, you have got to know about the way through which the Discord server can be created and you can then invite the friends. Possibly you would have easily got the way to do so and you might not have faced any issues regarding that. In case if you have any issue you can then query about that through the comments section below. We assure you that we will help you instantly but yet if you don’t get any response then wait sometimes, we would try our best to solve your issue. At last, we just hope that you will like this article and get benefitted from the information provided here!


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