Learn how to Create Your Own Emoji using the 4 cool ways that will help you to create a emoji of any type that you can easily share with your friends. So follow the below guide to know how to make an emoji of yourself.

What are Emojis? You all somewhere use it while the conversation along the chat on various different social media’s, use it in the messages to express your emotions and joy. These are the kind of small stickers that are used to describe some reaction or emotions in the chat conversation. Although there are hundreds of different emojis that are bundled with various social media but still apart from this the users might like to make their own style emoji for some reaction. It is indeed a really good way to express your very own intentions and emotions through the self-made emojis.

For the users, those who are using the emojis more frequently would find that available emojis to be very less for their needs. Therefore for such users those who love to play and converse with the emojis, there is a way for them by which the new self-styled emojis could be created. Here in this article, we have written about the easy ways through which the emojis could be made and anyone who wishes to make the new emojis would be able to do so conveniently. Just go and read the ways in this article and start to make your own custom emoji android!

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How to Create Your Own Emoji (make an emoji of yourself)

The method is very easy and you need to follow simple methods that we had discussed just right below. So follow the below methods to proceed.

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#1 Bitmoji

Create Your Own Emoji
Create Your Own Emoji

This is the popular app that s only meant for the creating of emojis and for the same purpose it is been used by many people around the globe. Using the vast number of different style stickers and styles, this app enables the users to make any kind of emojis they wish to make. This service has been acquired by the snap chat and integrated with the official snap chat app or the service, and this has helped it to gain rather more popularity. The users from the snap chat now eventually use this function to make their own style emojis to express their feelings with their friends and people on the network.

To make the emojis out of Bitmoji, select up the avatars and modify their various aspects like hair style, eyebrow shape and color and other details. Select the body type and finalize your whole structure of the emoji. At the last snap the outfit for your selected emoji and then break it into the world through pressing the tick button!

How To Use Bitmoji?

Well, Bitmoji is really very easy to use and its available for both Android and iOS devices. Below, we are going to share a tutorial for Android. iOS users also need to implement the same procedure to use Bitmoji

Step 1. First of all, download and install the Bitmoji on your Android smartphone from the Google Play Store.

[appbox googleplay com.bitstrips.imoji]

Step 2. Open the app and now users need to create their avatar. The best thing is that users can get a variety of options to create an avatar. You can select hairstyle, eyebrow shape, and color, etc.

make an emoji of yourself
make an emoji of yourself

Step 3. Next, you need to choose the outfit. Bitmoji offers a wide range of outfit and you can choose any of them. Once done, tap on the ‘Tick’ button on the top right corner.

make an emoji of yourself
make an emoji of yourself

Step 4. Once done, Bitmoji will now create different emojis based on what you have selected.

That’s it, you are done! This is how you can use Bitmoji to create your own emoji. This is by far the easiest way to create your own emoji.

#2 Moji Maker

Create Your Own Emoji
Create Your Own Emoji

Another great make your own emoji app that is certainly only available for the iOS devices. For the users that get the chance to get hands on this app, they all know about the versatility of it. Whatever the person could think of about the shape or values of the emoji this app could make that all. On the basic emoji, the base starts to add your elements by drag and drop and transform it to looks which you actually desire. The benefit of using this app is that it is extremely easy to use and the users can quickly make a different style emoji within seconds!

#3 Makemoji

Create Your Own Emoji
Create Your Own Emoji

Another iOS only app which you can grab for your iOS devices. This app is slightly similar to the above apps and the purpose is all same, which is making of unique kind of emoji which you desire. Choose the base template and then add your own expected facial or other parameters to give it a look and feel. After adding all your layers you get the chance to edit it and further make it look much more aesthetic. Finalize your creations through the done button and then save your emoji or share your emoji easily!

#4 Booble Keyboard and EmojiFace

Create Your Own Emoji
Create Your Own Emoji

These two different apps work in the same way so we decided to discuss them in the same block. Booble Keyboard app is available for the Android as well as iOS devices while the EmojiFace app is available for the iOS only. Both these apps let the users take their selfie and then transforms it into the cartoon looking emoji. The process is simple, just take your selfie and the apps would transform it to cartoon picture and ultimately into the emojis. You get the number of emojis created from your selfie and you can choose the favorite one from there for the sharing or saving purposes. So, its another best make your own emoji android app.

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At the end of this article it would be clear to every reader that the whole method of making of emojis is really quick and anyone could make their own emojis easily. The different apps suggested in this article are all extremely simple to be used and no issues would be collided by any average users. But in case if the user is new, then probably it would take some time to learn about the working and surfing inside of the apps. Those new users should only follow up the above article and it would be all fine. If any user still faces any issues then they can contact us through the comment box or the email, we shall try our best to help you sort out your issues!


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