Police said that Criminals have upgraded to iPhones which may be their choice to do crimes because Apple has set strong encryption in its devices says three law enforcement groups.

Criminals Like Apple iPhones Because of Encryption, says Police

“The trio group reported a judge supervising Apple’s fight with U.S Department of Justice on Thursday that “They were aware of “numerous instances” in which criminals who previously used so-called throwaway burner phones had switched to iPhones. They did not list a specific instance” states Reuters.

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The brief by the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association and two others also specified a jailhouse phone call confronted by New York authorities in 2015 and prisoner termed Apple’s Encrypted System as “Gift From God”.

The US government directed Apple to make new software in order to disable the pass-code in iPhone and let the FBI to access the iPhone 5C belonging to the suspected San Bernardino Shooter.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook said “The United States government has demanded that Apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the security of our customers. We oppose this order, which has implications far beyond the legal case at hand,”.

Tech Giants, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and scores of companies filed legal briefs on Thursday supporting Apple. The Justice Department got support from law enforcement groups including six relatives of San Bernardino Shooting Victims. The Law Enforcement Groups stated that Apple’s security approach could put country wide investigations at great threat.

Apple said that it respects government agency, FBI and has collaborated with them by turning over data in its control. However, Apple says that the new request is quite different as it requires them to crack an iPhone with a software which is not currently available.

Recently, Apple achieved victory in the ongoing San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone Unlocking case, where the judge said that “FBI Can’t Pressurize Apple To Unlock Drug Dealer’s iPhone“. However, the verdict of San Bernardino shooting case it not resolved yet.

Inputs from: Reuters


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