A federal judge in Brooklyn says the Intelligence Agency of America, FBI can’t pressurize the Apple to unlock the iPhone which was reportedly used by drug dealer in New York. Apple has been in news for refusing to unlock the iPhone which was used by suspected San Bernardino Shooter and the Apple termed the FBI’s demand as “Chilling”.

FBI Can’t Pressurize Apple To Unlock Drug Dealer’s iPhone, says judge

You might have wondered that Apple has achieved victory in the ongoing San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone Unlocking case, but it is very close to that case where FBI is demanding Apple to provide them a custom software in order to access the data on the drug dealer’s iPhone.

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The iPhone of which FBI wanted details reportedly belongs to Jun Feng, a meth dealer. The government tried to utilize the All Writs Act in order to enforce Apple to help them in accessing encrypted data present on the drug dealer’s iPhone last year.

Law Enforcement recovered an iPhone 5S during a raid in Feng’s House. Feng maintained that he have forgotten his iPhone’s pass-code, so the Drug Enforcement Administration approached the FBI in order to help them to unlock the iPhone and access the data in it.

Last October, Apple’s Lawyers maintained that the US Government was demanding for the software which could help them in hacking the iPhones. Apples Lawyers said ” “We’re being forced to become an agent of law enforcement,”.

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However, the verdict of San Bernardino case haven’t been declared yet. But the Apple’s victory in New York’s case might help Apple in getting victory in San Bernardino case too.

It seems that Apple’s is giving first priority to user’s security. Despite, of US Court order of unlocking the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, Apple has openly refused to unlock the attacker’s device. FBI needs data of attackers, as data will be get removed if they try to unlock the iPhone by giving wrong password consecutively 10 times.


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