In WhatsApp, we all know that everyone can carry on the conversation through text messages, share the short videos, send and receive images etc.  Now it is time to delete all the useless photos in seconds from your device.

Because of all these functions in WhatsApp, the users get a really excellent communication with other people on the network of the social media those who are added to them. But still, in some of the groups, users get in many useless photos which could also start to be downloaded to your phone automatically if you have set it before in the functions. If you do not want to keep all these photos you may have to delete all these individually or by selecting them all by multiple selection features. This could be a very easy task to do if the number of received photos are large, and to solve this you can actually set up your WhatsApp to delete up to the useless Photos automatically. To know how you can also set that functional behavior in your WhatsApp just read up the below article.

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How to Delete Useless Photos in WhatsApp Automatically

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow simple step by step guide discuss below to proceed with this.

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Steps to Delete Useless Photos in WhatsApp Automatically:

1. For the process of deleting up the useless Photos in the WhatsApp automatically there’s been a great app made namely “Magic Cleaner“. By using this app, user can very easily and accurately delete all those good mornings or good night junk photos and all of the others like that which you shall not need for any purposes.

2. The only thing that you will have to do is install this app on your Android phone (app for iOS is under development) and then open it on your device and then tap on the clean button. It will automatically delete all those junk image files generated from the WhatsApp.

Delete Useless Photos in WhatsApp Automaticall
Delete Useless Photos in WhatsApp Automatically

3. To use this app, you will require an active internet connection on your device unless this app won’t perform its task. This app actually works by comparing up the images on your phone with that on the network databases and then conclude it to be junk or not very intelligently.

Delete Useless Photos in WhatsApp Automaticall
Delete Useless Photos in WhatsApp Automatically

4. You might be thinking that this process may take up much time but let me tell you that this app can easily detect and delete up to the WhatsApp junk image files from your device extremely fast that about 1000 junk images within a minute or so. Note that however if the images are already deleted by this app but still there can be the blurred thumbnails that you could find in your device.

5. Now you all know about basic surfing on your devices and that is all that the Magic Cleaner app will require, just open up the app and click on the Clean button and everything else will be done automatically. The other thing that you might be thinking about that your important pics may not get lost by this app then believes that this app won’t do that at all.

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And that was the very simple way through which you can actually setup your WhatsApp account to delete any of the useless photos that you have received or either you had sent before. All the processes will be automatic and once you have this function active on your account, you have to note that all your useless pics may be deleted automatically every time, but if you would like to store any photos and don’t want to delete them then you can turn out the function Off that you have set through the above method in the article.



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