Let’s look at the guide to Disable Android Notifications for Various Social Networks by accessing their settings and adjusting notifications according to your wish. So have a look at the complete guide discussed below to proceed.

This is great to have amazing notifications on smartphone devices; these notifications help keep us updated on important information. Apps have different notifications on smartphones, yet social media notifications probably have the greatest number of notifications.

Sometimes the users might not wish to have so many notifications from social networks on their smartphone devices; there could be many reasons for the same. We are not to describe or discuss the reason to disable the Android notifications; we would be relating just about the way and the benefits of the same. We have written almost everything to introduce you and make a clear view about the topic of this post; now, we are to share with you the exact method of disabling the Android notifications for various social networks. T

hose geeks willing to know about the same method could remain on the page; make sure to read up to the end of this post to get the fullest information about the method. Now it’s time to start with the main part of this article; keep reading below for the same!

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How to Disable Android Notifications for Various Social Networks

The method is quite simple and easy; you just need to access social media app settings to disable android notifications. So follow the below steps to proceed.

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1. WhatsApp

One way is to completely disable the notification on WhatsApp. This could be done through the Notifications settings. Reach to the WhatsApp settings and then head to the Notifications option. From there, you could do this by unchecking the box named Conversations Tones. For all of the notifications, whether for any of the groups on your WhatsApp, there will be no notification after processing this setting.


2. Facebook

Using the Facebook App on your device, reach the end of the list of options. Look for the Notifications settings option. Each of the things you are notified of would be listed on your device. Use these options to disable the category for which you don’t wish to have notifications.


3. Snapchat

Open up Snapchat first and then simply tap on the Profile icon there. Also, tap on the three dots there. From the list that appears as a page, scroll down and find the Push Notifications option. For various different aspects, you could be able to block the notifications. Utilize the options to stop all of the notifications for the snapshot.


4. Twitter

Open up Twitter and then go to the Notifications tab; look for the cogwheel icon placed at the bottom right of the screen. Go to the Advanced filter section, and then select the various kinds for which you wish to block the notification and then make it happen through the simple selections. Turn off notifications for particular categories like comments, likes, shares, etc.


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Disable Heads-Up Notification

You don’t need to rely upon any third-party app to disable app notifications on Android. Android OS provides a built-in option to disable notification of any individual apps. Here’s how you can disable heads-up notifications on your Android devices.

1. First of all, open Settings on your Android smartphone and then click on ‘Apps’

Disable Heads-Up Notification

2. Now, you will see the list of apps that are currently installed on your Android smartphone.

Disable Heads-Up Notification

3. You need to select the app you want to disable the heads-up notification.

4. Next, tap on ‘Notifications Management’.

Disable Heads-Up Notification

5. Now disable the ‘Allow Notifications’.

Disable Heads-Up Notification

That’s it; you are done! This is how you can disable the heads-up notification of any app on an Android device.

Reaching the end of this article, we have successfully provided you with the exact information related to the method through which you would be able to disable the Android Notifications for Various social media networks. We implied the smooth writing way and the easiest steps to help you quickly seize the information for this post’s topic without any aberrations.

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