How to Download All Instagram Images on Smartphone or PC At Once
How to Download All Instagram Images on Smartphone or PC At Once

Learn how to Download Instagram Images on Smartphone using simple app that will help you to save all Instagram photos in your device with a great ease. Follow the complete guide to proceed.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]nstagram is greatly popular social media service in which the people tend to share their images and pictures which could be seen by their friends or rather the public. For the users those who are familiar with the usage of the Instagram, they all might be knowing very well that the Instagram pictures or the images could only be seen through the service, but there is no option to download that images to the local storage. For some reasons the users probably would like to save some images to their device but as there is no option for performing that task so they might be seeking up for the way out. Fortunately, there is some method through which the users could download and save the Instagram images to their device. For the people who wish to know how they could also save up the Instagram images for further access in offline mode on their device, just follow up the article as we have written about the exact method for that all. So just go and start to read about the method now!

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How to Download Instagram Images on Smartphone

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow some of the simple steps discussed below to proceed.

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Steps to Download Instagram Images on Smartphone:

1. First of all download and install the app named InstaSave on your Android device. You could easily find up the app in the Google Play store so you may download it from there only. Note that you need to accept all the permissions for installing the app from the Play Store. If you feel at any time that the permissions required by the app are not safe for your device or your data then please don’t go for the installation of the app. Just don’t process the further steps too!

Download All Instagram Images on Smartphone Or PC At Once
Download All Instagram Images on Smartphone Or PC At Once

2. Open up the App now and then using up your Instagram account credentials sign in inside your account through the app. This is eventually same as you log into any of the accounts so this step would be easy for anyone to follow up. Once you have successfully logged on to your account, you could then see all that stuff from your Instagram which would also include all the photos too. Don’t be afraid of your stuff privacy as none of your private data would be shared or leaked.

Download All Instagram Images on Smartphone Or PC At Once
Download All Instagram Images on Smartphone Or PC At Once

3. Now to save up any of the images from your Instagram just have to find up that image inside the app and then tap on the Save button at the top right of the screen. The icon looks like a floppy disk so you could determine it easily. From then onwards you shall be passed on to the another screen or the pop-up from where you need to choose up the saving location for your image.

4. Just select up the desired saving location and then press OK. That’s all! Your image would be then saved successfully. To find the image go to the folder or the location you have chosen and then search the image there. You can also change the saving location for the images when you try to lock it down for the download by the above method.

Download All Instagram Images on Smartphone Or PC At Once
Download All Instagram Images on Smartphone Or PC At Once

#2 Method For PC

 In case if you wish to save up the images on your PC then just visit up the Instaport site on your computer and then again login with your account details of Instagram. You will see the two different options on the site i.e., whether to download all of the images at the once or grab only the selected ones. Save up the images by selecting the save option from the site!

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And this was the method through which you could be able to easily save those Instagram images on your device and hence access it anywhere in the offline mode without those restrictions of the app or the service. As from the above method you might have got the thing that the method is all so easy that it could be applied within few of the minutes and there shall be no complex actions required to perform up to that. To get the benefits of the method just go and try up the method!

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