How to Use Multiple Instagram Accounts On Android or iPhone
How to Use Multiple Instagram Accounts On Android or iPhone

Here in this tutorial you will come to know how you can use multiple Instagram accounts on smartphone. Just follow the steps given below to learn how you can do that.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]nstagram is the one of the most popular socially connecting way for the users where people follow each other so as to view ,like and comment their posts. Users can post their selfies,photos and videos on this social network. This also requires the users to create the accounts so as to use the Instagram and users has to login with their accounts.But if you are using multiple accounts then you may need to login everytime for different account as by default the Instagram does not support multiple accounts.

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How to Use Multiple Instagram Accounts On Android or iPhone

The method is quite simple and straight and you just need is to follow some simple steps that we are gonna discuss right here.

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Steps to Use Multiple Instagram Accounts on Smartphone:

1. First of all you has to log in to the Instagram on your Android or iOS with one of your account credentials. After you are logged in to your account just go to your profile settings from the settings options that are given in the upper right corner.

2. In the settings menu that will now be revealed ,you will see the option of “Add Account” at the bottom of the  menu. Tap the “Add Account” option and there will be another menu that will open up and it will ask for the details for the login to the other account. Just fill up the account credentials and then select login option.You will now see that you are now logged in to Instagram with the another account that you has used.Insta 1

3. You has now two accounts open in your Instagram.If you want to switch to any of the other account that is not open then you can easily do that by just tapping your username at the top of the screen. After tapping the username you will see the menu that will show you the multiple accounts that you has added before. Just click at any of the account that you want to open and it will be done.Insta 2

4. Till now we has worked with only two accounts.You can also add more accounts upto 5 accounts by using the same method.To add more accounts repeat the first two steps.And if now you want to log out any of the account you can do that by simply picking the account from the username menu and then use the settings menu from that account.In the settings menu just find the option of log out and tap it.You will now be logged out of the selected account.

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Here in this article you has learned how you can add multiple accounts to the Instagram on your Android or iOS. One thing that is to be considered is that you will get the notifications for all the accounts that you are logged in and to stop the notifications from any of the account you just has to log out of that account. At last I would say that using the feature of multiple accounts is a great option for those who has multiple accounts this feature makes it easy for them to use their accounts all at a time.


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