Download GIFs from Twitter On Your Phone
Download GIFs from Twitter On Your Phone

Now you can Download GIFs from Twitter On Your Phone using the one simple tool that will help you to get your favorite GIFs right on your device. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]very other platform has now added the GIFs feature that is actually much popular among the people around the globe. Following the trend, the Twitter social media platform have also added the GIFs support to it. The users of the Twitter hence are enabled to watch the GIFs over this platform and therefore convey the message through that. Sometimes any GIF you see over the Twitter can feel attracted to you and you may wish to save it for further sharing and watching. But inside the twitter, there is the only way to see the GIFs while there are no options directly available to download the GIFs. You might get confused while finding the way for downloading the GIFs due to the reason. Many users could find the way but most of the users would need the guidance so that they can actually utilize the twitter to download the GIFs. For all those users who don’t know about the way to download the GIFs on the twitter, we have written the whole method in this article. Just scroll down the page and start to read about the method in this article, you shall be then able to download the GIFs after that.

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How to Download GIFs from Twitter On Your Phone

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide below.

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Steps to Download GIFs from Twitter On Your Phone:

#1 We will be using the third party app on the device or the smartphone such as to download the GIFs. So you have to notice that the settings for the installation of the apps from unknown sources are set to enabled. Although the app could be downloaded from the official stores too we wanted to make it all clear for the installation of the apps so do we asked to enable the Unknown Sources.

#2 Now we will be telling you which app you need to install. The name of the app is Tweet2gif. This is a small and amazing app that can actually capture the running GIFs from the Twitter. We will be guiding you the whole way to use this app so as to grasp the Twitter GIFs. First of all, open your Twitter account and then search for the GIF you wish to download.

Download GIFs from Twitter On Your Phone
Download GIFs from Twitter On Your Phone

#3 Tap on the more icon or the arrow down placed right side of the image GIF. This will reveal various options but you have to select the Copy Link To Tweet option! The process from here becomes the simplest, you just have acquired the link to the tweet. Just open the Tweet2gif app on your device and then paste the link you copied to the URL section of the app.

Download GIFs from Twitter On Your Phone
Download GIFs from Twitter On Your Phone

#4 Click on the download GIF button once you have posted the link. This will then download the GIF image connected to that particular link. That’s all! Save an unlimited number of images using the app and the method!

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Finally, after reading this article, you would have learned the way to download the GIFs from the twitter on your phone. Actually, the method is extremely easy and you will never require doing any hard work so as to attain the function inside the Twitter. For the regular users, this will be extremely easy to apply the method while some of the beginners might face the issues while its application. Not to worry, if you have faced any kind of issues we are here to help you out. Simply paste about your issues regarding the method in the comments section and you will definitely get the fix for it. At last, we are to say that please share this article if you liked the information provided inside it.


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